Sunday, January 30, 2011

70 + degrees in January...

In central Oklahoma the last few days have been warm and sunny offering an opportunity to get the bunnies at Heartland Rabbit Rescue some outside time. This makes for a lot of work for the Director but the reward of getting to see antics such as are depicted in this brief video make it all worth it.

The star of the show is Veronica, who was featured previously in some October exuberance. As you can see, she has lost none of her moves....about 18 seconds into the video you will see a brief appearance by Princess Gwendolyn.

You will also see Veronica engaging in some "chinning" on my shoe...according to the House Rabbit Resource network this means "I was here" or "This belongs to me". Some humans speculate that status conscious bunnies chin more than bunnies not too worried about this sort of stuff. Veronica is definitely something of a "prima donna" so the chinning fits right in with her personality. Watch this beautiful and athletic bunny in action:

The joy of living is the birthright of can avoid being a destroyer of this joy by living as an ethical vegan. Veronica (and Gwendolyn) are only two of the earthlings that would thank you.


Krissa said...

Aw. Thanks for sharing. Veronica and Gwendolyn are gorgeous! Before I saw the videos you post of the bunnies at Heartland, I had no idea how much bunnies and cats are alike. It's actually a bit amazing. On the very off chance that someone doesn't already know this: cats do the exact same thing with the chin/face rub to put their scent on something/one. They do that with the sides of their bodies too. I would never have known that bunny rabbits do it too! ... Glad you guys are having some outside time and I'm sure you're all enjoying it. I'm one of the few who does NOT like temps in the 70's - too warm! ... How are Mom and the babies doing?

veganelder said...

Thanks for commenting Krissa. Yes I agree, the two girls are gorgeous. Veronica was vamping me for all she could and Gwendolyn was a bit miffed about it all. You are right, cats do chin rubs and corner of their mouth rubs to leave a scent.

I struggle to compare cat, dogs, bunnies...they all share some things and then not others. I have difficulty sometimes transitioning from cat interactions to bunny interactions...getting signals crossed can lead to unexpected consequences. Veronica, for instance, will on occasion give you a not so gentle nip if you quit stroking her before she is ready for you to. Gwendolyn on the other hand is more laid back and will take what you are willing to offer and not be snotty about it. So, you have species differences and then individual differences. Makes the United Nations look simple.... :-)

Videos of mom and babies soon, all are thriving, mom is gaining weight and babies are blooming...

Christina said...

Miss V you and Gwennipants are always a delight. I remember when you came to Heartland.....always trying to bite bite bite. You are a tough girl and I adore you. (You too, Miss Gwen)

Andrea said...

Love, love, looooooove the binkies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ms. Veronica is quite adept at them. ;-) Oh my, and the chinning ... well, I guess your shoes are hers now, and so are you. ;-)

Krissa said...

Glad Mom and babies are doing so well! Looking forward to the vids. ... Veronica sounds like a feisty one. :) That's neat that she enjoys being 'pet'.

Bea Elliott said...

So beautiful! It is clear that Veronica delights in her life! As all beings do, if given the chance and the Right to do so.

Glad babies and momma are doing well. But of course they would be - They are in very capable and loving hands.
Looking forward to seeing them to get my share of that warm/fuzzy feeling.
Keep them coming veganelder! They are always a delight to see! :)

veganelder said...

Thanks for commenting Christina, Andrea, Krissa and Bea.

Christina...yah, Veronica has changed her ways, now she vamps to get what she wants and only nips when the vamping isn't as effective as she desires. She is a feisty sweetie. Gwennie is in a class all her own.

Andrea, yes, Jeannie points out that I have been "claimed" by a number of the fur folks out at Heartland.

Krissa, Veronica is the epitome of feisty (and beautiful and nifty too).

Bea...delighting in her life is a great way to characterize Veronica and her delight is terrific to behold. I will endeavor to continue to document the babies.