Wednesday, January 5, 2011

As we plunge headlong....

toward what seems to be the goal of making the promised land into the forsaken land (planet Earth), we should remember that we not only deprive and injure and despoil it for ourselves.

In opposition to the message in the video, for each of those individuals that make up a is too late.

Charles Bowden, in his book titled "Some of the Dead are still Breathing" wrote:
I believe the politics of the right and left matter not to the bird on the wing or the trees dying on the hillsides. (p. 12)
We seem to be unalterably committed to increasing the numbers of human the expense of every other life form. (image source)
One source estimates the infertility "industry" annually generates about 2 billion dollars in the United States. This is associated only with the small percentage (10 to 15%) of people who have some sort of difficulty reproducing. Contrast this with the annual income  of PETA (considered to be the largest animal rights organization in the world) which is 35 million dollars.

For every dollar PETA has to promote animal rights (and I am aware of the controversies re PETA policies and practices and am ignoring them here for illustrative purposes) almost 60 dollars are spent to make more people by the 10 or 15% that have trouble reproducing.  And rest assured there is most certainly a direct correlation between the number of people and the demise of the rest of nature.

Realize I am only referencing one "industry", think about all the other "industries" whose practices rely on directly or as "collateral damage" the despoiling of the environment or the killing or enslavement of sentient beings or the increase of the number of humans. Logging, animal farming, automobiles, weapons, power generation,  construction and on and on and on. There is no contest from a financial resource perspective.

 Something is seriously wrong.....what the hell are we doing?


Krissa said...

Oh my god. I am almost speechless. This is something I knew (that the more people there are the more Nature is being ruined and permanently destroyed and the more suffering for other creatures) but I didn't know the statistics. Those maps. My god. This is just devastating. I don't really believe that the world is going to end in 2012. But seeing this...who knows? We may have ruined things enough that the end is nearer than most of us think. Just imagine what a 'heaven' this planet would be if no humans were on it. And I include myself and loved ones and friends it that. Just no humans. Picturing what it would be just makes me think we were a huge mistake. BUT, those of us who do care, we can just keep doing what we can do to make up for tiny little bits of what our species has done. The heartbreaking thing is that it will never be enough. But it is something. Something is better than nothing.

Murph's mom said...

Krissa, don't forget about how the region around Mount St. Helens recovered. It was completely annihilated and life returned to the area in a relatively short time. Our world is not the same and won't be but we can help save what we have left. It can be done. If Mount St. Helens is any indicator it can be done.

Christina said...

Havent been around in a while. Love the videos below. So sweet.
We are making money, that is what we are doing. Here in the US and around the world. I am torn on this subject. I know people want to feed their families, particulary in third world countries where they do anything they can to get by. What we need to do is start teaching birth control methods and cut the human population down. But anytime someone mentions that, people start screaming. Indeed,"go forth and multiply" of course, it doesnt matter if you can feed and take care of all those kids, nope just keep on having them. While I am not the most enviromentally responsible person I dont think the earth was made just for me and I can take whatever I want without giving back or worrying about the consequences.

veganelder said...

Thanks Krissa for commenting. I agree with you...something is better than nothing.

veganelder said...

Thanks Murph's mom for commenting. I agree, we have to do what we can and maybe the aftermath of Mount St. Helens offers hope.

veganelder said...

Thanks Christina for commenting. It seems like the "go forth and multiply" folks don't realize that arithmetic includes subtraction.