Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bunny behavior 101....sleeping.....

when a bunny feels relatively safe, sleeping positions can sometimes be so relaxed that they may appear to be alarming. Stella (the bunny) presents an example:

The next video clip shows Bailey being so relaxed that his guardian becomes concerned:

Think of all the bunnies that might be able to sleep more relaxed if human animals didn't want to eat them, use them in laboratories, breed them for profit or wear their skin.

Definition of ethical vegan:
An ethical vegan has a vegan diet and rejects consuming animal products but also does not wear or use any animal products. An ethical vegan rejects the commodification of nonhumans as property. An ethical vegan is committed to the abolition of animal exploitation. Moreover, ethical vegans recognize that an animal-based agriculture harms other humans as well as non-humans and sees the connection between human rights and animal rights. Ethical veganism is the moral baseline of the animal rights movement. Ethical veganism represents a commitment to non-violence in one’s daily living. 
Living as an ethical vegan means a bunny (and other sentient beings) could safely relax around you. If you don't qualify as "relaxed non-human animal safe" yet, get your starter kit now and begin your journey. Once you do, maybe someone like Baily or Stella will drop by for a nap.


Krissa said...

Ok, now I am convinced that Spike is part bunny because he sleeps like Bailey all the time. It makes me smile every time. And even though Spike lives with us, he is most certainly not property. He's King of the apartment and very beloved. ... Thanks for sharing. the fun videos and the excellent definition of an ethical vegan.

veganelder said...

Thanks Krissa for commenting, I too have housing co-occupants that are not property. :-)

As for the definition, I need to remember to re-post it on occasion just for reminders.