Friday, January 7, 2011

Saving our home....

....the "collateral undamage" that accompanies a vegan lifestyle is considerable. In addition to the obvious and immediate effect of reducing the unnecessary suffering (and death) of innocent beings,  eschewing the use of animals and animal "products" quite likely improves your health and is beneficial for the environment.

Lots of folks are unaware of the horrendous damage to the environment done by the farming of animals. Watch and increase your awareness:

Curiously, the environmental benefits of a vegan lifestyle are rarely mentioned in the popular media. For instance, Al Gore, in the very well known (and oscar winning) environmental documentary An Inconvenient Truth......conveniently didn't mention the fact that the single greatest impact one individual can have on their contribution to greenhouse gases is to quit eating/using animal products.

Think about it.....arguably the most well known environmental documentary...ever....avoids telling its audience the single most effective step they can take to reduce their damage to the environment. This is a wonderful example of cultural brain-washing (by omission).

Wait, wait you say.....An Inconvenient Truth came out over 4 years ago, now folks know better...right? Nope, if you go to the website of the Environmental Protection Agency (the EPA), the agency of federal government charged with "protecting" the their section on climate change ...... you will find no mention of the vegan lifestyle as a step an individual can take to reduce their contribution to greenhouse gases. If you visit for their take on the "Top 10 Things You Can Do To Reduce Global Warming" you will find no mention of avoiding the eating of animals.

The University of Chicago knows that avoidance of meat is the most effective way an individual can reduce their contribution to greenhouse gasses, they say: " Human diet has a profound influence on the release of greenhouse gasses (CO2) into the atmosphere. A red meat diet is has the most per capita impact on the atmospheric load of greenhouse gasses." But....on the page where they make this statement....they place it at the bottom right of the small print.

If you want an education in how uncomfortable or unprofitable information.....vital suppressed or avoided or minimized....just start looking into the subject of environment, diet and the individual. The gyrations and avoidance maneuvers are a hoot (in a tragic, depressing sort of way).

There is a terrific full-length documentary available for watching online that doesn't avoid reality, you can watch Meat The Truth by clicking on the link associated with the title.

The ethical vegan lifestyle has an astonishing number of positives and a paucity of negatives....if you haven't already....go other lives, maybe improve your health, make your contribution to being green and saving our home.


Krissa said...

Excellent information! Another thing that would be a hoot is that if somehow this message did get out there and the average joe really did believe it and started going vegan.... the "no such thing as global warming" campaign would step it up like you wouldn't believe. There are certainly cycles on this planet that affect weather and climate, but to believe that humans and everything we do - and don't do - has no impact....that is insanity. To cover up what is arguably the biggest step we can take to stopping our impact on the planet is a crime and a tragedy. And you know that TPTB know all this info. Just shows what a strangle hold the cruelty industry has on this world. Sad.

veganelder said...

Thanks for commenting Krissa. Yup, the exploiters and "profit takers" would go more nuts than they already are.

Important to keep in mind, exploitation and/or destruction (initially) looks to be easier than sustaining or maintaining or enhancing. Hence...the choice of the shallow and short-sighted.