Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who are we?

If anything, this video minimizes the issue.......(note...there are a few brief graphic images)

To use a sentient living being or any part of a sentient living being...for any purpose whatsoever....without their clear and freely given explicit permission should a minimum... a felony with subsequent mandatory legal punishments.


Krissa said...

I got the "This video is not available in your country" again and I haven't been able to bypass that so far. I think I've signed an online petition or two for that organization. And thanks for the warning about the graphic images. I decided to go ahead and watch it even though I usually can't watch those because I'm going to one day do the vigil like Gwen Dunlop (from your other post) and I better be able to get through a video.

Patty said...

Thank You. Shared on Facebook & Twitter


Murph's mom said...

Krissa, I know what you are talking about, how you feel about seeing pictures of animals suffering. Running a rabbit rescue gives the public access to us and they share awful stories when they contact us. A city shelter vet tech once told me that you must become 'leathery' or you won't last long. She also told me she cries a lot. Those that love animals are very familiar with that particular state of mind.

VE, I did watch the video. They did a good job. Thank you for warning us about the content in places.

Bea Elliott said...

That was one of the greatest shocks to me when I first became animal aware. That they, my pets, my friends, my brothers and sisters were nothing more than "property". It's just a horrible inside-out, backwards, topsy-turvy state we live in. Corporations are granted "personhood" and flesh, blood, bone and breath that is just like "us" are "things".

I think this video did a great job illustrating this absurd foolishness.

veganelder said...

Thanks Patty, Murph's mom and Bea for commenting.

Patty: peace to you too, thank you.

Murph's mom: I thought the video was well done too.

Bea: me too.