Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bunny snacks...............

Mother bunny, who was featured in a video here on July 26th, continues to thrive.  She is an excellent mom and her two little ones are growing, growing, growing.  All this parenting takes energy and mom is quite a chow hand. Here is a video of her getting free access (briefly) to a raisin bonanza. 

She resides at Heartland Rabbit Rescue and you can read about the odyssey which led her to the shelter using this link.   Rescue and shelter operations like Heartland are often the last resort for animal people with no where else to go.  These are private organizations dependent on the resources of the folks that run them, donations from the community and volunteers.  They would not exist without the dedication of the folks that run them and often the demands and expense of caring for the animal residents is staggering.  I am in awe of these heroes for animal people and urge you to seek out shelter and rescue operations in your community and donate what you can, money, services, labor, time, etc.

The payback for volunteering is immense, one of my biggest pleasures from spending time out at Heartland is having the opportunity to become acquainted with so many different rabbit people.  Each one is a unique individual, with their own way of being in the world and their behavior changes from time to time depending on how they feel.  Just like human animals (but you already knew that).  Volunteer, help out, it is good for your spirit and for the animal people.

Now, if you will take a moment to follow this link you can view a brief (about 60 seconds) video of a cottontail rabbit person obviating the notion that all rabbit people are timid, frightened beings that flee danger quickly.  Rabbit people are as different from one another as human people are, if you doubt that, go ask the snake person shown in the video clip.


Christina said...

She is indeed a beautiful girl.

Volunteering and the bunnies have changed me. I had no idea of the plight of rabbits before I brought my first two babies home. Millie is my seventh bun (not counting the bunnies I had as a child and did not treat properly, Heartland allows me to atone for that a bit)
and I cant imagine my world without bunnies in it and I cant imagine Heartland without you and Juli. We are all different, just like the buns.

veganelder said...

Thanks for commenting Christina, all of us owe so much to all the animal people, and amazingly when we begin to pay our debt we get goodies in return. Amazing.

secret self said...

love the music, and the mama bunny enjoying her snack. way to go Speilberg:)

veganelder said...

Thanks secret self, with a star like mama bunny anything would be a box office smash. :)