Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blind baby cow people have fun too....................

Not only is the video enjoyable, it allows me to introduce you to a remarkable sanctuary in California called HartSong Ranch Animal Sanctuary.  Their mission statement reads in part:
HartSong Ranch grants permanent sanctuary to animals with disabilities. Many of our residents are blind. All require some kind of specialized care.
Our mission is to provide a landscape of quiet and tranquility for the animals that live here – a sanctuary where they can enjoy nature, peace of mind and rejuvenated spirits.

The folks that operate the sanctuary have the last name Hart and they are musicians, hence the name HartSong.  The baby cow person is named Woodrow, he is 4 weeks old in the video and had been at the sanctuary for just a week at the time of the filming.  The folks at the sanctuary also note something astonishing about this special young cow person:
Of the many intriguing things about Woodrow, one of the most remarkable is his ability to detect "mass"...something...anything in front of him that might be a hazard, even though totally blind. We were able to capture this "protective gift" on the first day we allowed him away from the safety of his paddock when he made an immediate decision to "slam on the brakes" just before colliding with the fence and then, a few seconds later, he made the same decision before running into the car. How does he do this? What does he know that we do not? Fascinating!!! The truth of the matter is, he's most likely to "bonk" his head while exploring or grazing, something he does very slowly, so it really isn't much of a "bonk" to begin with.
Go on over to their website and read the story of Bess, a brave blind horse person that took on Ciara (a blind baby horse person) as her special project.  My special thanks to the Hart family and their efforts on behalf of Woodrow and all the animal people.


Bea Elliott said...

What wonderful rescue stories! Whenever I hear that an otherwise "useless" animal has made it to sanctuary I can't help but think they are the luckiest beings on the planet.... To simply be treated with respect and kindness. We need a world where everyOne is valued - That would truly be heaven on Earth!

Murph's mom said...

That baby is amazing! I noticed that at one point he became aware of the camera and he stopped his play just like our bunnies do when we get the camera out. It could be the noise of the camera they are leary of. What an fascinating video and so sweet! It made me think of a friend's program that is titled Play Matters. Baby shows us yes it does. It matters for all of us. We'd all be much better off if we spent time frolicking in a field with baby animals. The stress of life falls away and we allow ourselves to laugh.

veganelder said...

Thanks Bea and Murph's Mom for your comments. For those who have not had the gift of connecting with someone not a human animal, they live a hollow existence.