Friday, August 20, 2010

Notes for August 20th, 2010....

Tomorrow, August 21st, is International Homeless Animal's Day.  The Oklahoma Alliance for Animals is sponsoring an adoption event in conjunction with this day of acknowledgment.  The notion of honoring homeless animals was created by the International Society for Animal Rights

If you think about it, the concept of homelessness for animals covers quite an area.  Those animal people we call "wild", whose home is presumably the natural world.....human animals are destroying the natural world at a fearsome rate....hence depriving those "wild" animal people of a home. 

We human animals are executing about 4 million animal people annually in the United States because they don't have a home.  We call them "strays".  Oh, and we try to soften up the hard reality of what we are doing by calling it "euthanize" instead of execution or killing.  Euthanasia is defined as a "painless" death to end the life of someone suffering from a terminal illness or incurable condition.  For these millions of animal people, homelessness is...I incurable condition.  Usually we think only of dogs and cats when we think of animal shelters, actually all different species of animal people end up in shelters.....rabbits, horses, name it. 

How about this, go visit your local animal person shelter, if you can, adopt a homeless animal will likely be saving a life.  If you can't adopt, volunteer and help make those homeless animal persons more comfortable.  If you can't adopt or volunteer, search around and find a local animal rescue or shelter that provides permanent sanctuary for animal people....then sponsor one of the animals residing there.  Sanctuaries that provide permanent residence for those animal people that have no other options are always in need of whatever assistance you can provide.

In central Oklahoma, Heartland Rabbit Rescue, Second Chance, Wildcare, Hand Helping Paws, Blue Hawk, and Free To Live are all organizations dedicated to providing shelter and care for animal people.......and they do not engage in the killing of their residents in order to make room for others...........This may not be a complete list for this area so search on your own too.  If you are not located here, find out about the resources for homeless animals in your area and help out.........Please.

Remember, most animal homelessness is directly or indirectly caused by human animals.  Hence it is our responsibility to rectify it. 

Free movie....Home, an excellent full-length documentary about our planet is available online for free viewing.  The photography is superlative and Glenn Close narrates.  Increase your knowledge base about the place you live and where the other animal people live.


Bea Elliott said...

Thanks for posting about pet "overpopulation" issues. Decades before I ever heard the word "vegan" I understood how absolutely wrong it was to breed yet more cats and dogs, or to allow them to go un-neutered.

I have the occasion to visit semi-rural neighborhoods and there are always dozens of strays roaming the streets. Then ironically posted in front of one or several of these houses will be signs that say "pit puppies for sale" or "labs" or "rotweilers"... or fill in the breed. It just makes me want to pull my hair out!

I guess there were those blessings though... All my fur family members came from such alleys and roads. None had a home.

When we found Backus as a young abandoned puppy... For a week wherever he pooped he left blue plastic waste as well. He had been living on dirty diapers. Sickening isn't it?

Thanks for increasing the awareness about this issue... But I hope you are wrong about homelessness being an incurable condition - With enough education I hope this will someday change.

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

Great point about how we're causing homelessness for animals in the wild as well. Something we tend to forget!

veganelder said...

Thanks for commenting Bea and So I'm Thinking of Going Vegan. Yeah Bea, as long as living sentient beings are considered to be property, then this issue of selling, etc. will endure in some form or fashion. I hope it is not incurable either.

The "wild" ones often get overlooked, ignored and quietly displaced with no one noticing. Buzz words that spell trouble for the wild ones on the planet tend to be "development", "progress", "growth"....(and for the rest of us too). Thanks for noticing.