Monday, July 5, 2010

A real sweetie........

Recently the folks at Heartland Rabbit Rescue were able to provide shelter for a bunny rescued by some kind people.  The bunny was spotted running across their lawn being chased by a cat.  The rescuers were able to shoo the cat away and corral this girl.   She is one of the most unusual looking domestic rabbits that I have ever seen because of her resemblance to her wild relatives.

She was quite thin when she arrived and proceeded to become thinner by giving birth to two babies as soon as she had settled in at the shelter.
The photograph is poor (my apologies) but you can still see that the children have nicely rounded tummies, mom appears to have been channeling nourishment to them, leaving little for herself.  

Mom may look like her wild relations, but she is very familiar with humans and enjoys being stroked and petted.

Thanks to the kind and thoughtful rescuers and to Heartland for providing a safe haven for bunnies.

Now for the downside, each of these three rescued require food, shelter and medical care.  When the time is right, spaying and/or neutering will be necessary to ensure that more homeless bunnies don't appear.  You can help by volunteering, fostering, adopting and donating.  Heartland is at their limits in terms of how many bunnies they can shelter.  They were able to squeeze in mom (before they knew she was going to be mom) and now they have two more rabbits that need care. 

While Heartland does what they can, magnificently I might add, each of the bunnies there would be much better off in a suitable home  (with their own human family).  Remember, the goal of each shelter of this type is to work themselves out of existence, to reach a time when all bunnies have homes and rescue organizations are unnecessary. 


Christina said...

To have no need of shelters is a world I want to live in. This little girl is so brave and so sweet. Despite everything she has been through she has no grudges agaisnt us humans.

veganelder said...

Thanks Christina for commenting, you're right, she is a remarkable being.......