Thursday, July 29, 2010

1,000 Canadian Rabbits to move to Texas

I ran across this story in the Victoria and Vancouver Island newspaper about feral rabbits overrunning the University of Victoria campus.  These bunnies were going to be killed unless placement could be found for them.  Voila, apparently a rescue shelter in East Texas is going to take 1,000 of the rabbits.  Wild Rose Rescue Ranch is going to provide them with a sheltered, protected area after they are trapped, spayed and neutered and then transported to Texas.  The link to Wild Rose will take you to a story on their website about Noah the one-legged pigeon that nurtures baby bunnies (among other species).

An organization called Fur-Bearer Defenders is donating $50,000 to help pay for the spaying and neutering.  Their mission is to end all forms of trapping used by the commercial fur industry.


Kiara being groomed.

Closer to home, back at Heartland Rabbit Rescue a couple of  hard-working young volunteers spent some time grooming Kiara and Sophie.
Sophie at the outdoor spa.  


Christina said...

Now who are these sweet young ladies taking care of Kiara and Sophie????? I like the looks of this situation.

1,000 bunnies. Please God, make it stop one day.

Murph's mom said...

Hi Christina, they are family of veganelder, second cousins. Their mom was at Heartland too and all three ladies are animal lovers deluxe and very hard workers. Juli took them around the warren and introduced them to each bunny. Four hours later (you know how time flies out here) mom was trying to round the girls up and head home. Another thunder shower was approaching and in fact caught the volunteers before they got in their cars. The girls weren't ready to go home. They are a delight and I look forward to their return.