Thursday, July 22, 2010


In a curious instance of....sychronicity?..this post appeared over at about 6 days after my previous post.  The writer referenced a study carried out at a university in England showing that meat eating appeared to be associated with the use of denial as a mechanism to reduce intrapsychic conflict.  Someone once said that psychology was the area of study devoted to proving what everybody already knows.  Sometimes that seems to be the case.

For something totally unrelated and interesting, go here and learn how to catch a mouse without a mousetrap and without harming the mouse.....also the mouse is nicely ready to be relocated to a more suitable living place.  Finally, read about 120 beagles rescued from a laboratory situation and their apparent happy outcome.  Update: here is a link to the "Digging Through the Dirt" blog with a video of the beagles and a mention of an Oklahoma connection.

There, at last, a post with only interesting or happy content.


Murph's mom said...

Viewing the beagle video was both a joy and heart breaking. I could see that a lot of the volunteers who were there to great the dogs were in tears. Me too. What a sad, sad life they had prior to their release from that place.

Christina said...

One of the biggest rabbit breeders in the country "Marshall Farms" and also owns "Peters" products I believe used to and maybe still do breed beagles to sell to labs around the country and overseas. Sickening

veganelder said...

Thanks Murph's Mom and Christina for your comments. My own thought is that people that make money off of the exploitation and/or torture and/or killing of animals are engaging in some of the most heinous and reprehensible acts possible.