Saturday, February 12, 2011

Publicizing companion animal adoption...part 2

I ran across this video because of a post over at the Mehitable Days blog (lots of great pictures and writing and recipes there) and, with the exception of the use of the word "pet", thought it was a well done spot promoting companion animal adoption. Pretty clever really...take a look:

Now that you have maybe had a laugh, you can "cool down" with a smile from watching this next video from Tanja Askani...many folks have never had the pleasure of knowing a pig personally...they can be just as interesting and as fun as the movie Babe suggested they might be.

You can help all living beings by going vegan.


Laloofah said...

Thank you for the shout-out, Vegan Elder! I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the "super cool" video enough to share it on your inspiring blog.

I can't thank you enough for bringing Tanja's amazing photos and videos to my attention. I'm turning into a junkie, I think I'm going to need a Tanja photo fix daily! :-) I've already watched these delightful piggies twice - that photo of the piglet with her pasta is especially priceless! You're right about the pleasure of meeting a pig personally. I had the honor of hanging out with a couple of delightful porcine ladies at Peaceful Prairie a few years ago.

Pigs hold a special place in my vegan evolution and in my heart. A field trip to a "pork processing plant" in VA when I was a 3rd grader was the first time I'd ever made the connection between the animals I loved and the food I ate, and it so horrified me (it defies all sensibilities that instilling horror was never the intent of my teacher nor the plant, of course!) that I announced to my parents that night that I'd eaten my last pig. My parents were misguided autocrats, however, so my righteous rebellion was instantly crushed. But years later, a lot of that experience came back to me when I read the moving chapter "The Pig Farmer" in John Robbins' The Food Revolution That book, and that chapter in particular, was one of the major influences that launched our vegan journey.

So thank you for your own lovely homage to these special beings. :-)

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

So cute. Thanks for the dose of fun!

Christina said...

I went and checked out her website. Her work is gorgeous. I love the ladybug hitching a ride on the mouse's tail and the white squirrel and the owl...WOW.

Harry said...

Thanks for once again posting such great videos VE.

Adopt - you bet. Avondale's Abbey was 7 months old when she was rescued from a puppy mill and saved from being an eternal breeding 'machine'. Petrified of life because all she had ever known was the inside of a cage. Now, 4 months later, she's beginning to blossom. But teaching her that life does not hold that much to fear will be a long journey yet.

And the piglets - brings back memories of our pigs from 5 years ago. Three off the set of Charlotte's Web and one saved from the local butcher. Slept in our hallway for the first few nights. That's when we discovered that pigs may be clean but some perspective is required! Now Ruby and Lucy are over 300kg yet still can be found playing like tiny piglets (the other 2 were looked after for a friend until they were old enough for our friend to look after them.)

Thank you again. Great video clips to start the day with.

veganelder said...

Thank you Laloofah for commenting. I just happened to stumble across Tanja's work...the internet is a lot like going to garage sales or flea markets or poking around in the never know what treasure you might discover. I too think she does terrific photography.

Ah, you touched my heart with your reference to "The Pig Farmer" chapter in The Food Revolution. That piece of writing resonates powerfully with me both because of its content and my personal history. That chapter was also critical in my journey. I wish everyone would read it.

Anyone that hasn't known a pig personally is missing out. They are, indeed, special beings.

veganelder said...

Thanks for commenting SITOGV and Christina.

SITOGV: You're welcome, glad you enjoyed.

Christina: Her work is a real treat, isn't it.

veganelder said...

Thank you Harry for commenting. Some rescue animals have been terribly injured and some wounds never heal fully...only improve. Thank you for offering Abby a chance at a new trajectory for her life.

Imagining 300 kg. playing is quite a picture...a great one. Thank you for giving Ruby and Lucy a chance to do that playing.