Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hands Helping Paws, TNR and Help!...

I ran across this great video created in support of spay and neuter programs by the Alliance For Humane Action. This is an organization in Lake Villa, Illinois (near Chicago) that works to obtain low cost spay and neuter services for feral and companion cats. Give a look and will enjoy it:

Low cost spay and neuter programs in conjunction with TNR (trap - neuter and release) activities have been shown to be the most effective way to address the many issues associated with the homeless cat population.

Hands Helping Paws is a local organization that does a phenomenal job of caring for feral cats in the Norman, Oklahoma area and engaging in TNR activities as well as finding homes for hundreds of kittens and cats. What is TNR?  You can find out more by visiting the HHP link. I also found the following definition of TNR on the web:
TNR is a comprehensive plan where entire feral colonies are humanely trapped, then evaluated, vaccinated and neutered by veterinarians. Kittens and cats that are tame enough to be adopted are placed in good homes. Adult cats are returned to live out their lives under the watchful care of sympathetic neighborhood volunteers. 

What is astonishing is that HHP found placement for so many using only a foster home network of dedicated volunteers...there is no shelter as such and all "housing" and fostering for the cats is provided by the volunteers. Last year they found homes for over 700 kittens and cats...amazing.

Kim Fairbanks, the founder and director, is a dedicated and tireless worker on behalf of homeless cats (and sometimes other animals) and she and the network of volunteers are terrific examples of what should be the norm in terms of how human animals relate to cat animals, especially those that are homeless and too wary to live with human companions. Visit the HHP facebook page to see photos of the cats and kittens needing homes and to learn more about their activities.

Seek out and support organizations in your area that support TNR activities and help them out however you can. Human animals created the homeless cat population and it is our responsibility to help the cat people suffering as a result of our carelessness.

Remember, you can reduce suffering for all our fellow animals by living as an ethical vegan.


Krissa said...

What a great organization! I know firsthand how serious the problems are that feral cat colonies face. Neutering is essential to helping end the suffering these cats endure. Thanks for highlighting this issue.

veganelder said...

Thanks for commenting Krissa. Spay/neuter and TNR programs are one way to reduce the suffering caused by companion animals being without homes.

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

What a great video! So cute.
And an important message too of course.

Bea Elliott said...

Adorable video... But sad that we even need to educate people about spay/neutering. I'm disheartened about feral cats enough - But when I know about cats "as pets" that remain "viable" (and often bearing several litters of kittens) It's all I can do not to rear up at these folks and ask "What in the world is the matter with you???" At times I have approached them and it's the same story: They always mean to "do it" but haven't gotten around to it - Then "ooops" too late again! Infuriating. And these are "owned" animals - Not even ones that can benefit from TNR. Again, with "friends" (owners) like this - Who needs enemies? :(

Just wondering too if you heard about the huge cat hoarding bust that occurred in South Carolina? 300 cats were found in deplorable condition. I don't know the full story - But it seems this was supposed to be a sanctuary that got overwhelmed with refugees. I'm not making judgments just yet as I don't know the full story...

The short of it is: Every one of our "pet friends" need to be "helped" - No excuses!

veganelder said...

Thank you Bea for commenting and for the links. I agree, no excuses!