Monday, February 21, 2011

Moo louder....!!!

Shelly Williams, the perky blond Australian youngster that created a remarkable video I featured when writing about "Hope for the Future" (September, 2010 post) has crafted another informational video.

In this she takes aim at the many euphemisms associated with the benign sounding "dairy industry" (August, 2010 post) and more accurately names and describes what exactly is inflicted upon the cow animals that are exploited. Bea Elliott over at Provoked recently wrote about some of the routine horrors associated with "America's dairy farmers".

It is seductive to lull oneself with the notion that cows "give" milk, "giving" milk doesn't hurt them, no one dies, they are well cared for, yadda, yadda, yadda. There are a few very brief depictions of cruelty, bear them if you can because Ms. Williams has put together a very well done video and if you watch until the end you will see why I titled this post "Moo louder"...:

She does a great job of pointing out the potent propagandizing the "dairy" people have managed to insinuate into western culture, to the point that much of it is taken as something "everybody knows" (milk is good for you, etc.).

I read something the other day I liked, it referred to milk as calf food. That is what milk from a cow animal cow food or calf food.

It has taken me a little time to comprehend this default truism...if a human somewhere (anywhere) is making money off of the practice or trying to make money...and a non-human animal is physically influenced or controlled by a human animal, then cruelty is being inflicted upon the non-human animals and/or exploitation is occurring and/or enslavement is being practiced and/or eventual death for the non-human animal will happen because of the interaction.

There may be exceptions, I can't think of any, but accepting this as a given makes the world as it currently operates much easier to understand. I guarantee that the exceptions (if any) to this rule of thinking are much fewer in number than those that affirm it.

Obviously all kinds of Earthlings are harmed in a multitude of ways by human animals in situations where no monetary profit occurs...but sometimes Earthlings (including human animals) interact and no harm occurs.

I am saying that if an interaction (involving physical influence or control) between Earthlings occurs and one of the parties involved is not a human animal and the human animal makes money or is trying to make money out of the interaction...the other Earthling was, or will be, harmed (exploited, traumatized, enslaved, injured, killed, etc.) in some way or another.

What a deal for the other Earthlings, eh?

Living as an ethical vegan helps to opt out of contributing to this grotesqueness and injustice. Advocating against these behaviors, maybe, in a small way helps repair this "breaking of the world". Thank you Shelly Williams...


Krissa said...

I remember Shelly from your previous post. It makes me feel a little better to see that there are young folks out there who clearly get it. If there's ever going to be a real change, it's going to have to come from the younger generations. Ours have already blown it, although there are some of us who do the right thing, our generation as a whole has been a disgrace. I will watch the video a bit later. I appreciate the warning, because I only got about 4 hours sleep last night so I don't feel up to crying right now. But I will watch it. The least we can do is support each other when any of us reaches out. And even if it's preaching to the choir, the messages deserve to be heard. Thanks for sharing.

veganelder said...

Thanks for commenting Krissa. I look forward to you reaction to the brief video...the production is worth reviewing.

Bea Elliott said...

Yes! The dairy industry's "yada, yada, yada" gets to me in the worst of ways. Perhaps it's because they pile on their lies the thickest?

It seems that at every turn dairy is being promoted as the end all: School lunches, for bone health, global economic stability, blah, blah... But how amazing through all this, the cows are kept like queens!!! What a coincidence that such used, drained, confined and manipulated slave-beings could be so very happy-happy! It really is sickening!

And then - I see beautiful, sweet Shelly... Someone who I know is so very kind and gentle... Having her peaceful spirit soiled with the ugly reality of this despicable industry. Doesn't seem fair, not for the nonhumans forced to suffer in it or the aware humans who also certainly deserve a clean and genuinely "wholesome" world. We, each of us, deserves better than the sordid nastiness that this industry has inflicted on us.

I love Shelley's video - Nothing less than this kind of raw honesty is what is needed to make people snap out of their stupor!

Thanks for posting this veganelder - And for letting me rant a little bit too...

veganelder said...

Thank you Bea for commenting. Your voicing how you feel is always welcome...thank you...and well spoken and accurate too.

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

Shelly is awesome! She's so talented, and it gives me hope that someone with her skills will spread the message in such an effective manner.

As for ...if a human somewhere (anywhere) is making money off of the practice or trying to make money..., it kills me that if another human then tries to stop the first human, they're the ones who'll be called terrorists. Crazy.

veganelder said...

Thanks SITOGV (it is a good finger exercise to type those letters in caps :-) ) for commenting.

Shelly W. knocks me out, a demure, cute looking perky little blond who curses like a sailor...who could ask for more? She gives me a little hope for our species. I especially enjoyed her Facebook Sh*t Fight fact I will place it in my post today so everyone can watch her blasting one of the more pitiful arguments advanced by some "meat" eaters...thanks for the inspiration and take a look at her again.

Distortion and lunacy, once underway, twist everything around them (sort of like a black-hole of logic or something) hence those who try to stop violence become miraculously identified as the malefactors. Who says we aren't the most "intelligent" of the animals? (me...I say that...we're the "most" something of the animals but intelligence isn't that something...not the way I see intelligence anyway)