Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ethical veganism...

is a minimum standard of decency. For you who are unfamiliar with or are on your journey to becoming more acquainted with this way of living, this video is a well done presentation of some thoughts about ethical veganism. There are 6 photos of cruelty (briefly shown) that are painful to see...avert your eyes if you must (you really have no right to not look if you participate in maintaining these despicable practices) but watch the video for the information. I think you will find it to be worthwhile.

Every day you continue to live as a non-vegan, you continue to add to the unnecessary suffering and death of beautiful beings, animals who have caused you no harm and only wish to live out their lives being themselves. For the sake of the beautiful ones in the world, for the sake the innocent ones, for the sake of what is right and good...please...go vegan. All the animals of the world will thank you (you will have my gratitude too).

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