Monday, February 28, 2011

More Shelly Williams.

Because I like her videos and because I found this one to be funny. She amusingly and adroitly addresses one of the more bizarre "arguments" advanced sometimes by corpse crunchers to justify their torture and obliteration of living beings. Thanks to So I'm Thinking of Going Vegan for her comment that inspired me to post this effort by Ms. Williams. The "bad" words are bleeped out but you'll be able to get the message. (note: after the ? mark at about 30 seconds into the video there are about 10 seconds of images of typical treatment of animals by slaughterhouses...then no more graphic photos)

It turns out today's post is entirely inspired by Canadians...thank you Canada and their inspiration resulted in posting videos from Australia (Shelly Williams) and from Austria (happy pigs going sledding). It is both a small world and a big one...and we don't own it (even though we act as if we do) we only share it.

This next video was discovered when I read the most recent post by Janice Gillett on her blog: Hearts On Noses, A Mini Pig Sanctuary. Janice pours her life into rescuing and providing sanctuary for pigs (and others). These animal folk are much maligned and even more have been deprived more than you can ever know if you haven't been able to get to know a pig animal person. Here is a video of several pigs going "sledding". (no graphic images...just fun stuff)

Experiencing the world is quite different, once you begin to understand that the other animals are our sisters and brothers rather than "inferior" beings to be used in any way humans want to. Experiencing the world is quite different once you understand that not being "cruel" isn't enough, that unnecessarily killing animals "humanely" is not possible (it isn't "humane" to unnecessarily steal someones life), that "giving them a good life" before you take theirs is a self-serving fallacy. Using someone else without their permission is wrong...we all know that.

Giving up sh*thead arguments (as Shelly might say) offers the opportunity to see a world much more full of wonder and beauty, with many fascinating and wise and exquisite beings living there...available for friendship and for learning from and for sometimes loving but always there to be appreciated for their strengths and and their beauty (and sometimes their jerkiness too) and other qualities.

Seeing the other animals (and nature) as objects, as unfeeling, as "inferior", as food, as a "resource" is a crippling, blinding, distorting and damaging way to perceive them. That outlook damages and limits and twists the human holding it and that way of seeing also allows the ongoing destruction of the Earth and her beings.

Stop hurting and limiting yourself, stop hurting the animals, stop hurting the Earth...go vegan. Repair as much as you can...

And thank you Shelly Williams and Janice Gillett and So I'm Thinking of Going Vegan...for your efforts on behalf of the other animals and for your inspiration...and thank you sledding pigs for being yourselves.


Laloofah said...

I wasn't familiar with Shelly Williams, so thank you for another introduction. Her argument is impassioned and persuasive, and she clearly hasn't lost her sense of humor! I love her perspective. I lose all patience when I hear such callow and shallow, self-absorbed and self-serving "defenses" of using, abusing and slaughtering our fellow beings.

The sledding piggies are utterly delightful! What fun they're having - makes me want to join them! I love how they all run up to the sweet donkey! I wonder what they're saying to him? Are they inviting him to go sledding? :-)

As always, your own words are most eloquent and I agree wholeheartedly!

Janice Gillett said...

Thank you Vegan Elder for "seeing " them all !!! ;o))

I wish i could translate the comments of the thread of the Happy Pigs video and read they are someones pets and will never been slaughtered. I would like to beleive the one filming this clip will have 'eyes opened" .. perhaps it is better for me that i don't know the fate of this happiness. One thing at the very least they are on grass, feeling the sun and the soil and not living in a steel cages with rows of there brothers and sisters until they are killed.

veganelder said...

Thank you Laloofah and Janice for commenting.

Laloofah: I am glad to introduce you to Ms. Williams...she is a treat indeed. I wondered too what the pigs were saying to the donkey. More of Shelly's videos can be found at

Janice: I don't know the ultimate fate of those pigs seems that they come from a place that offers holidays at an "Alpine Farmhouse" which doesn't bode well. At least in the video they were having some moments of fun and play...thank you for caring.

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

Aw, I wanted to hear the bad words... ;)

Thanks for posting another Shelly Williams video, and for the link love! Sorry I'm so late in reading this post. To make up for it a little, I'm gonna see what happens when I "tweet" you. Snort.

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

Ha ha, you've been successfully tweeted! :)

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting SITOGV. Well, being tweeted was painless (although I am not sure what being tweeted means) and not disturbing. You're welcome for the "link love" (interesting phrase).

I suspect Shelly would be glad to offer an unbleeped version of her video, to tell ya the truth I would have preferred it that way too. But, as John Grisham (the very popular author) observed in an interview on the Bill Moyers of the reasons his books sold so many copies was that he deliberately refrained from using "bad" words in them. So the bleeping maybe allows for a wider audience. :-)

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

Being tweeted means I linked to the blog post via your share on Twitter button. And it looked like this:

I heart Shelly Williams. And veganelder. :)

(Your blog post url automatically shortened into a tiny url so that everything fit within 140 characters.)

Well, if bleeping potentially widens the audience, then I'm on board!

Bea Elliott said...

I too can't get enough of Shelly's wit and perky delivery! She's perfect for the message - Honest in her goals and brutal in her facts to get them.

Now the pig slide? Sheer delight! I really saw the "canine" in them when they greeted Mr. Donkey --- Just as "nosey" as could be! How anyone could do... Well never mind...

Trying to "follow" you on Twitter but can't get to your member page - Maybe I'm lost... I'll look around some more! ;)

veganelder said...

Thank you SITOGV for the explanation of a tweet. Interesting, and I look forward to following your adventures in tweetyland.

veganelder said...

Thank you Bea for commenting. Shelly W. is a real treasure isn't she?

The pigs were and are great...just wonderful.

Uh, good luck on the twitter thingee.