Thursday, December 30, 2010

A year-end Thank You....

to my teachers from the bunny world. There are two warrens out at Heartland Rabbit Rescue, the Big warren...where most of the residents live and the infirmary or clinic...where the bunny folk with medical issues recover and recuperate.

My classroom is the Big warren and that is where lessons have been taught me and continue to be skill at learning is sometimes greater than others but my interest stays steady.

Mistakes are often made by me and sometimes correction involves bringing some of my blood out of my skin to visit daylight, other times a punch or a kick or a grunt or a grumble or a non-blooding nip of the teeth. Or a flip-off from the hind legs or a thump or several thumps notes the times where I offer up my ignorance and clumsiness and it is rejected and commented on. Or a silent ignoring and a disdainful look, or a turning away, sometimes a laugh or a neigh or a nicker.  Among the most memorable are the incredible variety of astonishing noises that Molly and Judy can offer....donkey people are amazing in their available repertoire of auditory signals.

But, learn I have, and when no errors are made on my part, praise is offered via a offered head for petting, or a nicker, or a smile, or a look. Life is good then, actually it is pretty good when mistakes are made (as long as they are small) and learning happens, because some new or different behavior is then available that is desired.

My rabbit people teachers from the Big warren are: Spice, Gwendolyn, Giselle, Marie, Speckles, Walter J., Riley, Doug, Scott, Spencer, Bailey, Arvin, Daisy, Cowboy, Meisha, Opal, Arthur, Nester, Fast Eddie, Athena, Zoe, Griffin, Digonelli, Cherie, Betsy, Simon, Magic, Sophie, Benson, Alice, Bella, Satchel, Marshall, Larry, Lefty, Jimmy, Amara, Matt, Frank, Chanel, Rachel, Tavey, Cadbury, Washo, Brian, Ophelia, Faith, Allen, Alvin, Kiara, Darla, Veronica, Big White #8a, Big White #8b, Big White #7a, Big White #7b, Chip, Elizabeth, Elias, Lucy, Big White #4a, Big White #4b, Big White #3a, Big White #3b, Big White #2a, Big White #2b, Samson, Jack. My hoof people teachers are Midnite, Molly and Judy. My main human people teachers are Jeannie and Brad and sometimes Christina. (Away from the warren my main fur people teachers are: cat people teachers are Gracie Ray and Bobby Ray, dog person teacher is Lucy Lou.)

I have learned from others, of course, and omission (or error) does not mean unimportance....rather it is a reflection of my limitations. My apologies.

To all from whom I have learned, thank you. I see, hear and feel the world differently than I did before your lessons and I thank you for the new world you have given me. I am honored to be your student and wish you well in this new year (and hope to continue learning from you).


Christina said...

We all learn from each other. The bunnies have learned from you too. They have learned to trust a little more (especially those big white kids and Benson) and they have learned to enjoy life a bit more. What an asset you and Juli are to Heartland and I have learned from YOU.

I used to think I knew everything, now I am convinced of it. (that sounds like an original thought but someone else may have said it first)

veganelder said...

Thank you for your kind words Christina. For my part, I only thought I was learning much in graduate school. The fur people move learning to a whole new level, I just feel fortunate they allow me to hang around them. Bunnies rule ! :-)

Murph's mom said...

VE,as you said not long ago, it takes patience and you have an abundance of it. It is one of the reasons the bunnies like you so much. And as Christina said they have decided to trust you. I agree with her, the bunnies are happier. I am amazed at the difference in Benson and Marshall and many of the others. It sounds like a cliche saying we were sure lucky to have you and Juli come our way, but we are. I am very pleased that you have formed such a bond with these fur people. It is such a delight to watch them binky and flit around their playpens when you get here in the mornings. They think you are the best thing since sliced bread. We do too. The bunnies tell me, "you're dismissed, Glenn is more fun."

I have learned much from you as well, in particular about the vegan lifestyle. I am grateful for that. Finding out about rice milk has changed my dietary habits. I am still amazed at the vegan lemon cake and zucchini bread Juli brought at Christmas. With just a few substitutions we can make a huge difference in the lives of animals.

Thank you for being willing to work so hard here at Heartland. And thank you for being willing to teach.

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

The human animal can be so arrogant in thinking that other animals have no wisdom to offer. Thank you for not being one of them. And for trying to reach/teach human folk. Happy New Year! :)

veganelder said...

Thank you Murph's mom for your generous words. Life is often a curious balance of things...I feel the buns have given me so is gratifying that you think they have gotten something too. I know they have captured me and enriched me.

I appreciate your caring about, knowledge of and willingness to share that knowledge about the rabbit people. You have and do teach me constantly.

I know the cows thank you for discovering rice milk.. :-) and all the animals thank you for your openness to the vegan way of living. Herbivores rule! (that's what Sophie would say.. :-) )

veganelder said...

Thank you for your excellent words SITOGV. Most of the other animals have been living and learning their ways for much longer than human animals have been around. We are are children surrounded by wise elders and we exhibit the foolishness of children when we ignore the wisdom those elders have to offer.

My best wishes to you for this new year.