Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My blog list.....additions....

I have added two new blog links to those in My blog list. Both are maintained by registered dietitians who are vegan and who write about nutrition for those following a vegan diet. Jack Norris, RD is the blog of someone long associated with the Vegan Outreach folks. I have a great deal of respect for Vegan Outreach because of their approach to promoting the vegan lifestyle.....in part because a segment of their rationale for promoting the vegan lifestyle reads:
.....animals feel pain and that morally decent human beings should try to prevent pain whenever possible.
The other link I added was one for The Vegan R.D. maintained by  Ginny Messina. Both of these sources contain valuable information and, as far as I can tell, are devoted to the vegan approach to living and to providing accurate and current information about nutrition.

I urge everyone to visit both blogs and take advantage of the information provided there about developments and news regarding vegan living and nutrition in general.


Bea Elliott said...

Very worthy additions!

My favorite and often used quote by Ginny Messina is this:
It’s true: You can eat a few animal foods now and then without raising risk for chronic disease. That’s not a reason to consume foods that are not required in the diet, have no unique health benefits, and can never fit into a lifestyle built on principles of compassion.

I love the way her words are phrased. Nonjudgemental - Yet leaving little room for rebuttal.

And Jack Norris of course provides a wealth of information but this insight is particularly astute:
"One thing missing from this calculation is the emotional suffering caused to humans who care about the animals being killed. I suffer knowing that right now there are warehouses with tens of thousands of chickens scrambling frantically to escape from wire cages that are digging into their bodies, or pigs who have not been allowed to turn around or walk in months. For some people, living with such knowledge is terribly painful and I suspect some of the animal activists who have committed suicide have done so at least partly because they could no longer bear thinking about these things."

This indeed does holistically look at the damage done by our meat-eating culture... Yes?

Krissa said...

I like Ginny Messina's post about the "health argument" failing veganism. I sort of almost winced when Ellen said in the video in the previous post that it (eating a vegan diet) isn't easy, but (and I can't remember her exact words) I think she quickly made the point that the reason is because of the convenience factor. And let's face it, you do have to be careful and read ingredients instead of just grabbing what's on the shelf in those convenience store moments. But I think that issue is something that would only affect brand new vegans who aren't used to eating healthy. My own diet was super healthy in so many ways before I stopped participating in the sickness of eating other living beings. No sugar, no white flour, no refined anything for that matter other than in a pinch. But anyway, I do think that the message "strict" and "not easy" don't sound good to resistant ears. But yes, my diet is very strict in the fact that I don't waver from it. From that standpoint, I don't think it sounds bad. And it's not AS easy as being someone who will just eat anything/anyone. If people only realized how truly easy it is to eat healthy though (and really, that's all that the vegan part of the diet is)...there's no nutrient that you can't get from something other than our fellow creatures. My health has never been better - and I'm not quite a year vegan. I probably have LESS nutritional deficiencies now. One thing I will mention - and it's probably well-written about on the blogs you listed, I haven't had a chance to look in depth yet - Brewer's Yeast. I started using that for the B Vitamins etc. a while back and it is great stuff. Come to think of it, I think that's maybe what made the layer of fat that I got on my stomach go away, because there's chromium in BY. And now I'm rambling. So I'll wrap it up now. Good links, thanks for sharing!

veganelder said...

Thank you Bea for commenting. I was and am deeply impressed with both folks...especially their commitment to animals and to accurate and up-to-date nutrition information.

Wounding (sometimes to death) of those who help is a phenomenon (sometimes called vicarious or secondary trauma) that occurs in folks that work with victims of trauma...many times the innocence and/or helplessness of the victim potentates the vicarious trauma.

Those who work on behalf of animal victims must guard against being victimized themselves....sometimes that is very hard to do. It is good that Jack Norris addresses this risk.

veganelder said...

Thank you Krissa for commenting.

Wouldn't it be nice if you had to go out of your way...sometimes really go out of your way to find anything made from the exploitation or death of an animal. My dream.