Friday, December 31, 2010

A year-end apology... each of the cow animals, sheep animals, chicken animals, pig animals, dog animals, cat animals, rabbit animals, turkey animals, duck animals, geese animals, wild animals and all other animals made to suffer and die needlessly this year because of the greed, cruelty, carelessness and thoughtlessness of human animals.

Apology is too weak a word to convey the sorrow and regret appropriate for the terror, pain, misery and death experienced by each sentient...innocent being.

Each of you deserved to live your live on this run, play, fly and love....and that was stolen from you.

While those that think of you and will not forget you are few in number, we exist.

I am sorry, I will do more to try to stop this horror.

You can help too, if you are not vegan, please begin your journey now, help make this new year a better one for all.


Murph's mom said...

VE, sometimes I think that there are more vegans out there than we thought. I discovered some in 2010 that I didn't know was on their vegan journey. Perhaps the woman who responded favorably to your vegan bumper stickers is one of many, must be. Like you pointed out to me recently it does more for the cause to hand out leaflets than to go rescue a baby calf (although I still want to rescue that baby calf - well, two of them actually). I too can do more. The networking you have begun seems very promising. It is certainly encouraging.

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Murph's mom. I too want to rescue the calf. :-)

Any impact we have, no matter how small is greater than no impact at all.

I too am encouraged.

Krissa said...

Even if I weren't in an emotional place already right now, this would have brought the tears to my eyes that are already there after reading it. Beautiful.

veganelder said...

Thanks for commenting Krissa. I appreciate your kindness...and my thoughts remain with you.

Bea Elliott said...

Heart warming sentiments veganelder... And it comes as no surprise that those who do so very much always aspire to do more! Thanks for being such a champion in encouraging the world to a better place... And for your bunny-love too!

veganelder said...

You're welcome Bea, thank you for thanks to you too. You are an inspiration.