Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spice, the chocolate bunny.......

Sad stories abound regarding animals, among the saddest are those involving human families deciding to reject animal people they once wanted. Spice, this chocolate colored velveteen furred bunny has just such a history.
Spice the beautiful

Once a family wanted her, after a few years....no more. She came to Heartland Rabbit Rescue with this history and it is pleasing to watch her begin to blossom.

It may be that she was ignored and socially neglected or that she was in shock from having to adjust to a new home....no one knows, but for whatever reason(s) she spent almost all of her time huddled in her small box in her living area when she first came to Heartland.

Just in the past few weeks has it become noticeable that Spice is emerging from her shell. Where before she recoiled and rejected offers to pet or caress her she now seeks them out and will allow many minutes of stroking and touching. Where before she was shy and frightened appearing she now approaches and seeks attention.

The color and texture of her fur make her a strikingly beautiful being and watching and experiencing her inner self grow and expand is a pleasure and a gift.
Spice the bold
Welcome Spice, it is good to see you..................

When we take an animal person into our life it is a commitment of serious and deep responsibilities and consequences. If we willingly renege on that commitment it is usually the non-human animal that suffers. Spice was lucky enough to have a family that did not just dump her somewhere, lucky enough to have a rabbit rescue operation available that happened to be able to accept her. Many of the animal people rejected by their human families are not so fortunate.

Spice is both a sweetie and a beauty......any forever family would be lucky indeed to have her. In the meantime, being around her is both a pleasure and a treasure.


Christina said...

Spice is a doll. I cant imagine ever giving up one of my babies for any reason. If I had to crawl on my hands and knees to take care of them, then I would crawl.
Love you Spice!

Krissa said...

"When we take an animal person into our life it is a commitment of serious and deep responsibilities and consequences." ... I could write a novel around that sentence from what I've seen over the years. Sadly, my husband and I were just speaking about this exact topic today. Rather than go off on a rant here (where no doubt I'm preaching to the choir..ha ha) I will just say that I am so happy for Spice that she has arrived at Heartland. Tell her to have heart and not give up. She is in the best place she can be for right now until she and her real family are united. Clearly, her beauty both inside and out have not been diminished by her misfortune before coming to Heartland. Thank goodness that the humans she used to live with at least brought her to where she will be cared for. They have no idea what they lost...or on the very off chance that they do know/care, I am sorry for them.

veganelder said...

Thank you Christina for your comment. I agree. And Spice is quite a bunny person....today she was out and put on a triple binky exhibition that was phenomenal.

veganelder said...

Thank you Krissa for your comment. Spice seems to be pulling out of the withdrawal/funk she was in...as I wrote a moment ago...she put on a binky run that was competition caliber this morning. Yes, it was lucky for Spice that Heartland was available and I certainly am enjoying her presence.

As for those that let go of her....well they did not deserve her.

Bea Elliott said...

A triple binky! How cool! Wonder if she even amazed herself at the time?

"As for those that let go of her....well they did not deserve her." Totally agree... I'm misanthropic enough at times that I don't think human people like this even "deserve" their own lives. Sorry for the cynicism - But grateful for Spice... Glad she's emerging in spite of it all! ;)

veganelder said...

Thanks for commenting Bea. She did not appear to be fazed at all by her skill.

I agree, they did not deserve her.

Andrea said...

It makes me so happy to hear that Spice - just like Benson - has finally come out of her shell. Glenn, I think you are a bunny whisperer!!!! I miss Spice and all the other little Heartlanders terribly, but I'm so glad to read up on all the happy news. Thank you!!!!

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Andrea.

Thanks also for thinking I have anything to do with the courage and resilience of either Benson or Spice. I just happened to be around (and wrote about) each of them when they decided to (or were able to) show more of their true nature(s) to the world....and for that I feel some serious gratitude.

I absolutely understand your missing the fur people of Heartland....they have certainly captured me. :-)