Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday FYI.................

Did you 2009 the government spent over 121 million tax dollars to kill over 4 million animals.....including around 7,000 rabbits? This was done under the auspices of a U.S. Dept. of Agriculture program euphemistically called "Wildlife Services".......using this naming logic the Federal Dept. of Health and Human Services and the Oklahoma State Dept. of Human Services should be out murdering the human children and adults who are the focus of their efforts.

And we wonder why children have difficulty distinguishing between reality and fantasy?

Did you know over half of the 540 or so National Wildlife "Refuges" allow hunting?

Refuge? Hunting and killing?

And we wonder?


Krissa said...

I'm surprised they didn't spend more than that. And I am surprised that the numbers they killed aren't higher, though come to think of it, the numbers likely are higher. The money spent too is possibly higher than what they report. So much torture is done in the name of public (human public of course) interest, it is sickening. And one thing that I am especially sick about is that this current Administration has done nothing at all to correct any of these policies. Nothing at all. The only thing they made a move on that I'm aware of was to suggest or support (I don't believe it was even passed) a bill to prevent the abuse and torture of 'downer cattle'....and now I'm so furious while I'm typing that I'm probably not going to make much sense if I keep going. But yeah, it would be nice if things would change. But as far as change we can believe in, not happening any time soon. But the sick/sad/infuriating part about the "downer cattle" (that phrase alone is really ***sing me off) is that it was also in human interest. God forbid any people get sick because of a cow that was tortured to death slowly and dragged around with a chain because it was too weak or had broken bones from the 'transport' part of the slaughterhouse experience. Oh, I'm so mad right now...feel free to not publish this if it is an incoherent rant. But the government agencies and all their BS when it comes to our fellow creatures and the environment is a sore spot with me.

Bea Elliott said...

Very good points. Their words and definitions mean absolutely nothing truthful. It's like the joke of an institution called Bureau of Land "Management". One of the most misleading and corrupt government bullies there is. Wish more people cared enough to learn the truth. Even just as taxpayers they should revolt! Let alone the loss of all these innocent lives. :(

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting:

Krissa....abuse, torture and killing of the other animals seems to be a non-partisan position. Greed transcends all.

Bea....yes, BLM is notorious for their catering to greedy ranchers and landowners....killing wild horses and burros. Tax money for war on the other animals.