Saturday, June 4, 2011

Interesting images.....

These images are all from the South African Animal Rights Activists Community photo albums on facebook. The image below is interesting because it clearly presents some of the contrasting assumptions and positions that differentiate between animal welfare and animal rights.

Giving a cat the right to vote for the presidency conjures up a strange picture (although it is arguable that cats or any other animals would make worse choices than we humans seem to). For many people, voting cats is the sort of notion that is used to ridicule and demean the recognition of rights for the other animals. This graphic, perhaps, clears up some of that confusion.
When activists refer to animal rights they are usually meaning those basic protections being accorded to all living sentient beings that might be associated with, for instance, human children.

Animal rights does not mean drivers licenses for dogs or voting rights for cows. I don't know that I would totally agree with the wording in this graphic, nor do I think the specifics mentioned are complete, but they offer a point of reference for thinking about what is meant by Animal Rights.

This next graphic doesn't need any explanation, it wonderfully gets the point across about not harming our fellow Earthlings.

This last graphic does a great job of humorously epitomizing experiences some of us have had who share living space with those regal, independent and beautiful animals called cats.

Living with a cat (or cats) is sometimes humbling and always interesting.


Anonymous said...

OMG: that LOL cat is hilarious!!

The right/welfare chart is soo thought-provoking. The only thing I want to say about my work against gestation crates is this: it rests on the idea of increments. Given that the squillions of people around here won't give up their bacon, we need to fight them on their own turf.... we need to get the pigs out of those horrific cages and on straw with the highest enforcement, etc, etc.... AND keep pushing the message that this is one step only: NOT eating those animals at all is the only right thing to do. But in the meantime, a life with some sunshine and cage free.... I really want that for them too.

Maybe I sound confused. Maybe I am. It's a complex topic.

Christina said...

Cats are pretty cool creatures to me. I love the attitude the give off.

I would vote for a cat I think. I doubt they could a worse job than a lot of our politicians.

Have Gone Vegan said...

I don't think you sound confused at all D.E.M. What you say makes perfect sense to me.

Not in full agreement with the chart (it was obviously written by someone who doesn't think highly [not that I'm saying they're wrong per se] of the welfare position), and I think I've seen a better one somewhere (well, one that I liked better), so I'll see if I can find it sometime.

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting DEM, Christina and HGV.

DEM: Your strategy for helping pigs sounds good to me and I agree with don't sound confused at all and it IS a complex topic.

Christina: Next to bunnies, cats are way up on the attitude chart. If a cat was in a power position I wouldn't want to anger them. :-)

HGV: I look forward to the chart, I threw out that one to maybe get some neurons firing.

Anonymous said...

For some thorough insight into why animal welfare is actually bad for animals and that the abolitionist way is the only way, I'd suggest reading some of Prof Gary L Francione's work. He's a genius.

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting 'anonymous'. In the post prior to this one you can see that I am familiar with Dr. Francione's writings and have great respect for them. Your comment indicates you're quite impressed with his work, good deal...anything that helps the animals. Hmm, genius...I'm probably more conservative than you when it comes to using that term.

Harry said...

I'm with D.E.M. and co - small steps can, and do, have great consequences. While abolition is the goal we work towards, the leap there for the masses is just too great. But small steps aren't ...

Have Gone Vegan said...

Well, I looked high and I looked low, but couldn't find the chart I was thinking of, but DID come across an interesting diagram used by the National Animals Interest Alliance group. Interesting because they pop up all over the Internet in various guises warning against the dangers of animal rights, so as far as I'm concerned their name is a real misnomer.

While I was looking for the chart that perhaps I only imagined, it also occurred to me that what I'd like to see is a diagram or chart showing how animal welfare and animal rights overlap (not that I don't think illustrating the differences is useful), so that we can show to potential vegans-to-be the common ground and that animal rights is not as extreme as they might think.

And, reading the comment by Anonymous above made me laugh (which either says a lot about my sense of humour or that I shouldn't let my blood sugar get too low), but it reminded me to tell you that I'm still working on my comment to your post below. Which, I had decided a few days ago that I would probably post separately in my own blog as it will be too long. Sound familiar? Snort.

Speaking of the comment that grew and grew, some fascinating observations there, but I'll have to leave my comment there for some other time too. Or perhaps you just need to make your blog posts much less interesting?! ;)

Bea Elliott said...

I'm fascinated by graphs... Maybe that's part of my anal-retentive nature? :/

Working on something for myself to illustrate the "lines" or "degrees" of "compassion". The link HGV provided is so interesting. The "splitting hairs" as to what is or isn't kind. We are a rationalizing species aren't we?

And that sure ties into incremental "welfare" changes of which I was once vehemently opposed to. But on a practical level - I just don't see how total abolition will manifest over night. Animal liberation is bound to have many tedious compromises of cage sizes and "regulation" along the way...

I don't support welfare issues or campaigns. But I am pleased when there is some "victory" after the efforts.

I find more and more that I'm not demanding of friends/family an "all or nothing" mandate... But I ask that they at least try to "reduce" animal use. Phrased this way, I see my neighbors have not renewed their season pass to Bush Gardens... Another neighbor is doing "veg" 3 nights a week... And a friend is trying to eliminate dairy from her vegetarian diet.

These are very small minor accomplishments but to each individual attempting them - They are important... And could be a stepping stone to doing more with enough encouragement. I think this is the way that animal rights will go... Consumers will be coaxed, nudged, gently guided and enticed gradually into doing the right thing. I swear I'd give anything to make it all happen "over night"... But it's just not reality.