Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ending the year...

with a few graphics and photos. These images spoke strongly to me and maybe they will to you too.
Voicing (and living) support for veganism not only offers the opportunity to awaken others, but it also serves to signal to those who live vegan that they do so as members of a community. Because...sometimes it seems to be a lonely and isolated way of being.

 I think it is important to be aware that stepping beyond the boundaries of "how it's supposed to be" any going to result in distance from those who've not moved. And that can be uncomfortable...and cause all kinds of turmoil and upset.

If you're living as an ethical vegan,'re living a kind life. And if you're not living as an ethical are not living a kind life. The two are mutually exclusive. And for those who are strongly concerned with spirituality...well this next graphic depicts a deep deep truth.

Remember, hearts exist in all shapes and sizes of beings. Living vegan is an expression of recognition of this truth, living vegan means recognizing and respecting many, many, many more hearts than ever possible any other way.

 All living beings are just trying to live their that respect we are all the same. My thanks to each and everyone who is living a life of respect toward others. I hope your new year is a happy and excellent one for you and for all. If you're living have my gratitude and respect...if you aren't...well....what are you waiting for?

Finally...just a reminder...
and in truth, given the track record of humans in respect to what they've done to the beings and the environment over which we do have some degree of power and control...not being able to control everything is probably a very very good thing.

Live vegan and you'll be living well and kindly and controlling (as best you can) the harm you might do to others....please enjoy your New Year,

(P.S. My thanks to everyone who's taken the time to visit and read these posts and my special thanks to everyone who's taken the time to read and to comment. Your responses are greatly appreciated and enjoyed. PPS. All graphics were found on the internet and my gratitude goes to their creators)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

This season is eternal.

Vegan's greetings and good wishes to you all! (Living vegan is the only way to live good wishes to all.)

P.S.: Bea, you're the bestest...thank you.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

"A Revolutionary Worldview...."

This time of year is a good time to reflect a little on what veganism is all about. Lee Hall as written an excellent piece that does just that.
To be a vegan is to adopt a revolutionary worldview. We have found that that egg, flesh, and dairy production and consumption can be hazardous to the planet and our bodies; and that animal husbandry, whether pasture-based or assembly-line, involves exploitive treatment of other conscious beings. We don’t want to play a role in that; nor do we wish to be at war with free-living animals.  As vegans, we strive to live harmoniously with the planet and all its inhabitants.
The above paragraph is from her writing and it is well worth reading in toto. She also makes reference to something near and dear to me, she writes:  "It’s really important that we figure out how to disagree without hurting, and to agree without competing."

That sort of reminded me of a previous post here about saying things well enough. Probably being able to say things well enough is going to require being able to disagree without hurting and to agree without competing.

Living vegan is the only way we can live with a minimal amount of hurting, and that's a good thing.