Friday, May 31, 2013

Who would have thought...

that horses like to play ghost.

See the lumps and bumps?

If we go to the other side we'll see who's lurking there.

 It's the mighty Midnight, Heartland's resident pony. He decided hanging out under this cotton blanket was an enjoyable thing to do. One day he was under there and Molly and Judy (the Heartland guard donkeys) were walking by and he stuck his head out and spooked them badly...they took off running. It's fairly certain he was smiling.

The chain link enclosure was set out in the field to provide some cover/protection for a little cotten-tail mom who decided to have her babies right there, the cover was for protection from the sun, Midnight decided to use it for other purposes.

When he saw me, he had to come out to see what I was doing.

Heartland is also now the residence of a gang of ducks who were saved from a bad situation by the mighty Jeannie, the director of the bunny rescue.

They're pretty large now but came to us as babies. Queenie is short for drama queen, she has a quack that can be heard several miles away and is prone to go into a dither just for fun. Donnie is of the same "breed" as Queenie but is much mellower. Bubbles is a female mallard and a little nervous. Arnold, the wonderful Arnold is of the pekin tribe and is a real treat to behold. He is stately and dignified and seriously smart.

Shamefully, one day while I was hosing down the bedding I decided to give Arnold a spray...he was peacefully paddling in the little water container they have outside and he jumped out and ran to the end of their enclosure. He then turned and looked me right in the face and proceeded to tell me off. I was very contrite and apologized and also a little spooked. There was absolutely no doubt he knew what had happened and who had done it. I learned my lesson, no more teasing of Arnold.

It is a real joy to get to know these duck people. They are interesting and really attractive. Brad (president of Heartland) is building them their very own area and once they are settled in there they'll have their own little duck village. The bunnies were rather alarmed when they first heard/saw the ducks but now they are accustomed to the new folks. Midnight was/is fascinated by them and often hangs out around them when they are outside.

The destruction of our planet and the destruction of our fellow beings by humans is depressing beyond belief. Opt out of being a destroyer and go vegan...please. And...when you're feeling down about all the horror...go visit your local rescue/sanctuary and hang out with those who have been saved. I promise you that you will get a real lift...especially if you manage to become friends with someone new.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Opal died...

and she got less from the world than she deserved. She was a sweet and charming bunny who was beautiful and excellent. She lived at Heartland because they cared about her when no one else did. She deserved so much more than the world gave her and I was lucky to have gotten to know her.

Opal...RIP May 15, 2013
 Make no mistake...she was loved and she will be missed. Fiercely.

Maybe the hardest part of doing rescue is when the loved ones go away and you can't help but think how much more they deserved than we humans allowed them to have. She couldn't live free because we humans made it such that she couldn't have survived...we made her dependent on us and then almost all turned away from her and denied our responsibility. She had a spirit and a heart big enough to fill anyone up...and none wanted her except Heartland.

And she was one of the lucky ones. What I like best about Heartland is that all the  bunnies are cared for, they are all loved, they are all special. And they are all, always and forever, at home there.

I don't like this year 2013. I don't like it at all. Recently way too many have gone away. Zoe, Bella, Pippin, Poe, Ariel, Kiera, Benson and on and on. It hurts a lot. Their lives are short, their needs are small and they quickly fill up your heart and then leave you devastated when they die. The work isn't the hardest's the having to say goodbye to so many so often. Goodbye Opal.

Do your part to not do harm...go vegan. Do your part to give a home to those who need your local rescue and/or sanctuary.