Friday, June 10, 2011

Dancing rabbit?

Is she dancing? Twirling? Being silly? I don't know, watch and decide for yourself. What I do know is that several times a day, Nessie Rae will burst out of her 'area' and bounce over to the throw hanging over the back of a chair and do her thing. One of the mandatory items in the room now is a throw draped over a chair because it serves as a prop for her sporadic 'dancing'.
 If you happen to be lucky enough to witness one of these performances, it never fails to elicit a smile and a lift in your spirits, so no matter what she is doing one side effect of it is the spreading of happy feelings.

Here in central Oklahoma we have been having July/August weather in June. The daytime highs have been running from 97 to 100 for almost two weeks now. Ugh and wow. This sort of anomaly in the climate makes me nervous for the "crops". Mainly the tomatoes. But, strange weather aside...the first ripe tomato of the year is here and was picked 2 days ago.
June 8, 2011  

If you aren't growing some of your own food, you are missing out on some fun stuff (and some work). I am looking forward to the first tomato sandwich of the year...made with a homegrown tomato, Veginaise and toasted whole wheat bread. One of the absolute best sandwiches in the whole world!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful bunny!

Christina said...

I have only seen 1 other bunny do this so I dont know but I think she is twirling and singing a little song in her own head. A "I'm so happy, I cant stop twirling" sort of song.

Christina said...

Oh, my favorite samich (I like saying that way better, its more fun) is a tomato samich but it has to be home grown maters.

veganelder said...

Thank you DEM and Christina for commenting.

DEM: I'll pass on the compliment to Nessie...thanks.

Christina: I try to put my ear near Nessie's head to hear the song in there but haven't so far been able to make it out. Yes yes yes, homegrown only!!

Christina said...

I probably should advise you to put your ear to her heart....that is where the song originates.

Bea Elliott said...

Nessie Rae looks so settled in! That's wonderful! Yes, part dance and play... But I think she's intrigued that she can move an object! And then she's curious that it can move back at her. She's playing a game! :)

Ugh... Now you've gone and made me sad. Our garden did awful this year. We're in a 2 month drought and it's been impossible to keep enough water on everything.

Normally we have so many cukes we pickle a few jars. Zero this year. 5 pepper plants usually yield enough for half the summer... Thus far I've gotten two. And not a promise of any more. :(

Cabbages looks viable... And the beans are hanging on. The bushes are full but the beans are puny. We'll see on those.

And in desperation I've moved the tomato plants into pots so I can monitor them better. This is the last year I put 'mators in the garden. I would have had my home-growns by now if I hadn't...

I'm with you on the best sandwich in the world though! If it were not for Veginaise my favorite meal would be sadly missed. (Now I'm hungry!)

Have Gone Vegan said...

You've made me hungry too. And jealous. Love home-grown tomatoes!

What a fun video! It made me wonder though if maybe she's adopting cat-like behaviours? To me it looks like she may be "marking" the throw the way my kitty would. At any rate, she looks happy! :)