Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Thanksgiving prayer.......

This is a holiday that has been distorted into joyfulness over the abuse then death and then eating an innocent baby being. (most are killed at age 4 to 6 months...their lifespan can be up to 10 years)

This version of grace saying brings some truthfulness to the celebration.

Stop the cycle of abuse, suffering and death, please. Go vegan. That would be something to be thankful for.


Krissa said...

THAT is banned???? Well that says it all. I've been out of the US for a while, but I do remember what is NOT banned on US tv and this is an outrage that that ad (which is very TAME) is banned. Disgusting. .... Unfortunately I am returning to being enraged a lot of the time which is how I was before I became extremely depressed about all the WRONGNESS humans perpetrate in this world. Who the hell banned this? On what grounds? It made PEOPLE...UNCOMFORTABLE. Oh well, I will just stop now because this will just be a long rant that goes in circles if I don't. And it would be a shame because of the nice and thoughtful way that your post ended.

veganelder said...

Thanks for commenting Krissa.

Peta reports the commercial was banned because it did not NBC's "universal standards".

I would suspicion the "universal standards" likely include something to the effect that no commercial shall upset people or change their behavior to the point that they (NBC or any of their advertisers) might lose money.

Bea Elliott said...

Yep... The Turkey Federation would have law suits filed before the credits on the video started to roll...

How embarrassing to have a product that depends on the ignorance of the consumer. Everything the child says in "Grace" is true!

veganelder said...

Thanks Bea, for commenting.

It is an embarrassment....the whole rotten, phony, disgusting charade.

Us "naked apes" have much to answer for.