Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bunny Bites?

Bunny Bites is the name given to a cookbook (now available) created from recipes submitted by friends of Heartland Rabbit Rescue. Volunteers worked on creating the cookbook as a fund-raising activity on behalf of the bunnies that live out at the shelter.

The recipes are vegetarian or vegan with information in the front of the cookbook about various ingredients that can be used make a vegetarian item into a vegan one.

Cover photo
We just tried out the submission by a 6 year old bunny loving girl from Australia (Elisheba) and it is very good.....I fully expect it to become a regular dish at our house. She named it Shrek Soup (subtitle: swamp slime with eyeballs). Her imagination sounds like mine was at age 6 (and still is to some degree).

The ingredients include cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes and spinach (with some others). The first two are definitely not foods I was familiar with at age 6. If her soup is any indicator, she has a bright future at creating recipes that will knock your socks off.

The book also contains bunny anecdotes from folks that are privileged to live with these fur people.

So....the book sells for $10 (plus for details) and  ordered by emailing

If you live in Norman Oklahoma the books are also available at Earth Natural Foods and at Main Street Photo/Video. Should you decide to order a number of books and are in the area....some sort of delivery or pick-up option can likely be worked out.

There are about 120 recipes of all types including appetizers and desserts. There is a black bean dip recipe in there that results in absolutely the best bean dip I have ever eaten.

The editor of the cookbook writes an interesting note at the beginning about her relationship to vegetarian and vegan cooking as well as the impact volunteering has had on her.

The best thing about the cookbook (aside from the food that can be prepared) is that all proceeds will go toward supporting the fur folks that live out at the shelter.

It would make a great gift with a dual mission.....maybe introducing someone to vegetarian/vegan cooking and........providing funds to care for animal people with no forever family to live with.

Jack says "buy the cookbook"

Gwendolyn says.."buy the cookbook".

The baby boys....are too young to talk.

Midnite says...gimme a carrot.
All the above fur folks live out at Heartland, buying  the cookbook helps them. Thank you.

Even if you can't help out by buying, do take some time a find an animal shelter that can use your efforts.....volunteers are vital to keep most rescue operations going. If you can't adopt, foster....if you can't foster,volunteer....if you can't volunteer, donate. Do all of these things if possible.

The vast majority of animal people that end up in shelters do so because some human animal(s) screwed up or were cruel or neglectful or irresponsible or interfered in their lives some way or another.....the animal people did not create the situation that led to their being in a shelter.....we did.....and whatever we can do to make life better for only proper.


Christina said...

I am gonna have to try that black bean dip very soon. I have spotted a few that I am looking forward to making. Lots of pressure there from your advertisers.

Krissa said...

Unfortunately with me not working (for money) and my husband being a musician (hence, a 'struggling artist') we are on a tight budget, but I hope the cookbook generates a lot of support. It looks great! And I love the captions with the photos. If I were around, I'd give Midnight some carrots. :)

veganelder said...

Thanks for commenting Christina. I am looking forward to your impression of the bean dip. We tend to have some in the fridge on a regular basis....but it doesn't last long.

veganelder said...

Thanks for commenting Krissa. I fully understand re budget issues and thank you for the good wishes.

I have sort of stumbled into a pattern of giving a carrot to Midnite (and one to Judy and one to Molly) each time I go out to the rabbit place. That has been (and is) quite a learning experience. For instance, Midnite worries terribly that he is not going to get as many pieces of carrot as the girls so he tends to want to get more into his mouth than he can handle and ends up dropping partially chewed carrot out of his mouth and sometimes almost choking himself.

Neither of the girls does what Midnite does (they are, after all, donkeys, not small horses :-)) however Judy is rather greedy and tries to keep Molly from getting her share and sometimes her maneuvers are astonishingly intricate and well-thought out.

All the hooved people have smaller mouths than you might imagine and can only chew a little more than a person can at any one time....I could go on and on...sorry.....suffice it to say that Midnite would likely gobble up all the carrots you could carry.

Murph's mom said...

The peach bread is heavenly! I can't wait to try the potato kale soup. Getting it into the pot before Russell discovers it will be the tricky part.

Bea Elliott said...

I'm in one of those tight financial situations too. :( But I've earmarked it on a wish list - Maybe my "Santa" might get the hint! It is such a worthy cause.

veganelder said...

Thanks Murph's mom and Bea for commenting.

Indeed MM, the peach bread is good and I have become a kale lover...I like it in almost anything....Russell has good taste.

Ah Bea, no one never needs to explain...I was a little concerned about posting about the book because I didn't want pressure to be felt by anyone....but this was one way to get the word out.

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

The Shrek Soup sounds great! I might see if they'll ship to Canada...

veganelder said...

Thanks SITOGV for commenting. Shrek Soup Rules!