Friday, June 23, 2017

On May 23rd, 2010...

I began writing and posting here as veganelder. That's a bit more than seven years ago.

Here's that first its entirety:
Sunday, May 23, 2010
Initial Post
My primary purpose in establishing this blog is to add my voice to the community of humans that are horrified, justly so, by the carnage and destruction visited on most living things and on the environment by the manner in which most of us conduct our lives. 
The earth was not made for us, other species were not made for us, yet we treat other living beings and the earth itself as if they were all a cheap motel room that we checked into under an alias and no consequences will accrue to us no matter what we do.

Aaargh, it makes my head feel like exploding and I am too old to have to feel this way.
Seven years...and...humans here in the U.S.A. haven't changed much.

My coping skills are greater and I generally don't feel as if my head is exploding as often. The provocations that I perceive for that feeling are more frequent now...hopefully because I comprehend and perceive more...but I manage to avoid getting quite as upset. My sorrow is greater and my confusion is less.

Something I've come to realize more fully over these years is that I occupy three identities which are, as far as I can tell, the most harmful and destructive triumvirate ever...human, male and white. Jeez. If they were clubs...I wouldn't join them.

Seven years writing a blog...good grief. 


Have Gone Vegan said...

Seven years... Glad you started, and even more glad you're still sharing. :)

Moving has been a long, slow and ongoing process (first all of my current and as-of-yet unlisted Etsy stock, then countless number of boxes of books, and shortly the rest of my other stuff the amount of which pales in comparison to the first two), but at least I'm actually living in the other place now. And even though I've moved over 20 times in the last 50+ years, this move has been the most arduous and time-consuming. Gone are the days of youth where I could just pack everything up the night before, snort.

Hope to back in writing/commenting land real soon!

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting HGV...and I'm glad you're glad. :-)

Moving? Ugh...I don't even want to think about it. I feel for ya...I do...jeez. The older we get the more stuff we accumulate...moving is much easier when we're younger.

Good luck...I hope it all goes or is going just how you want it to. Hopefully some settling in is already underway for you.