Sunday, May 23, 2010

Initial Post

My primary purpose in establishing this blog is to add my voice to the community of humans that are horrified, justly so, by the carnage and destruction visited on most living things and on the environment by the manner in which most of us conduct our lives.

The earth was not made for us, other species were not made for us, yet we treat other living beings and the earth itself as if they were all a cheap motel room that we checked into under an alias and no consequences will accrue to us no matter what we do.

Aaargh, it makes my head feel like exploding and I am too old to have to feel this way.


Murph's mom said...

Hello Veganelder. I am a fellow 'stumbler' but way, way down the hill from you in your journey. Becoming aware of what has happened and what's happening was a slow process.

Your cheap motel comparison was dead center. That is exactly what we have done. Extreme senselss, vandalism as well.

Bea Elliott said...

Exactly! We are treating the planet like a cheap motel! They say you're not supposed to poop where you eat - But when it comes to the "food" non-vegans consume it seems like we're contaminating the world with factory farms, manure lagoons and slaughterhouses...
Thanks for speaking out against this and being a voice FOR life!