Sunday, June 4, 2017

How things change...

versus how they only appear to change.

Yesterday while driving I ended up behind a car that had on its back windshield two small stickers that were side by side, one said "Pro God" and the other said "Pro Gun".

Only the day before yesterday I had been re-reading an article by Sarah L. Hoagland that has the complicated title: "Denying Relationality: Epistemology and Ethics and Ignorance."

I know, I's quite a mouthful...but...believe it or not the title and the article actually makes sense to me (I'm still working at it though). I'm not familiar enough with the contents of the article yet to coherently present a summary of it, so relax.

But...what prompts me to write a post about this is that the article has several numbered notes at the end and Dr. Hoagland included this one:
2. For example, unable to hold their own when debating Mexica (Aztec, pronounced "meecheeka") tlamantini (Mexica philosophers or wise ones) over the rationality of their Christian god, Spanish Jesuits simply shot them (Dussel 1995, 112)...
The note (only part of which I reproduced here) is referring to the behavior of the Spanish invaders when they first came to the western hemisphere some 500 years ago.

Those Jesuits (pro god folks) were also apparently pro gun folks even centuries ago.

It made me feel really eerie...and rather be behind that car and see those stickers and remember that note from the article.

Yes, change happens...but...often change is much more apparent than real.

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