Monday, October 31, 2016

A quick note...

I may not post again until after the election. Please review this post if you haven't done so already.

My span of experience of presidential elections covers about 12 of them. Mr. Trump is the least qualified and most frightening person to be presented as a major party presidential candidate I have seen in my whole adult life.  

He is an openly misogynistic and racist man and his existence as a major party candidate highlights the work we have remaining to achieve a just and equitable society. The forces against a fair and just society are strong and the number of people who oppose such a society are many...Mr. Trump's candidacy makes that clear.

Saying all that to say...these are scary times and I feel for folks who are members of groups targeted by Mr. Trump and his supporters...I feel for all of us because it likely will be an ongoing and destructive disaster if he happens to win the election and we would all pay, severely, in one way or another.

Please vote...and vote to ensure Mr. Trump does not have access to the nuclear bombs or to the power to nominate supreme court justices.

We really need to change the course of this nation...and we can...but...there might not be a chance for that change if that guy gets elected.

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