Friday, October 21, 2016

The election of a U.S. president...

will occur soon.

A while back I came to an important realization...and I assure you it didn't just float down out of the ceiling into my head. This realization was a result of the rather astonishing (hey, I sometimes can astonish myself in a good way) amount of time and effort I've put into reading and thinking and conversing and feeling and thinking some more that I've done over the past 18 to 24 months which focused on grappling with some of the ways oppression operates. That includes focusing (and often being dismayed and appalled) on my own thinking and understanding as well as what plays out in society "out there".

It is axiomatic that we (I include myself) must struggle with our own inner selves (repeatedly) even while also turning our attention to "out there". We gotta struggle with our own demons in order to accurately identify and resist those "out there" demons.

Most especially I've been trying to learn about race/racism (both "out there" and inside myself) and to a somewhat less concentrated degree about the operations of sexism (both inside myself and "out there"). But, I only have so much capacity for comprehension at any given time. I can't do everything...that doesn't mean I can't do something though.

I'm not going to write detail about my struggles with comprehending these deplorable doings in this post...I've written about a lot of it previously and I'll continue to write about it but this post is simply to offer you up a summary of what I've come to understand so far in regards to voting next month.

Look at this:

Hmmm....the above graphic shows that people of color overwhelmingly opt for Ms. Clinton as opposed to Mr. Trump and while it's a bit less overwhelming...white people, combining both men and women, opt for Mr. Trump as opposed to Ms. Clinton.

Now look at these:

Women only voting would elect Ms. Clinton and men only voting would elect Mr. Trump. So, what can we learn from these graphic representations of polling information? (note: these graphics are located on this website)

Well, if you've been following my writing here you'll already know that if you're interested in opposing or resisting oppression then you will want to align yourself with those groups who are targeted by oppression and injustice, also, people who belong to subordinated groups tend to be more knowledgeable about injustice. One useful way to think about this is to remember that the servants tend to know more about the masters than the masters know about the servants. 

Since here in the U.S.A., which is a white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalistic and heterosexist society...among the groupings of humans which are targeted for subordination and oppression are people of color and women. And...these polling results show the preferences of those groups and they overwhelmingly prefer Ms. Clinton for president.

So...there ya go...I'm with them and that's who I will vote with...what's nice about figuring out to follow the preferences of people of color and/or women is that I don't have to do anything but find out what what their choices are and I'm ready to vote.

Note...this does in no way shape or form indicate that Ms. Clinton is someone who either understands or is an effective advocate against oppression or oppressive simply means that of the choices offered by the two major parties...Ms. Clinton is overwhelmingly preferred by members of subordinated groups over Mr. Trump.

If we are ever to have candidates that "get it" in terms of comprehending and resisting oppression then we have to direct our efforts to that end and that has to happen way way before the selection process begins. That's work that has to begin at the grassroots local community level. Good stuff doesn't come from the top flows from the bottom up. There's no "magical" leader or savior out there that's going to do our work for us. We must do it ourselves.


Sherry Oliver said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have been very involved in this election since it began about 1 1/2 YEARS ago and can't believe that Trump is a actual candidate and that people would vote for him. I find myself today feeling demoralized about this state and this country in many ways. The only positive is my increasing respect for Hillary Clinton. She has demonstrated more courage and poise than the 15 male candidates who ran against him. I am so impressed with her resilience and brilliance. I understand that she is a politician and not pure, but to quote President Obama recently "Come on, man". We are electing a politician whoever we vote for. Trump is a politician, just not a good one.

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Sherry.

Good for you for your involvement and activism.

I can't help but Trump's popping up has potentially positive aspects to it. One way I'm sort of thinking about him is that he's a clear and definite exemplar of unfinished business for the U.S. I suspect he exemplifies (all stuffed into one grotesque individual) a number of things that need to be challenged and conquered in our national psyche (if we have such a thing). Racism, misogyny and destructive capitalistic greed come to mind immediately. Anyone thinking we're "post" anything only has to look at him and know that's not true. Time to go to work.