Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Great Greens & Carrots & Apples party of September the Fifth, 2010

The weather was fairly nice, a bit breezy but hey, this is today was a good day for all the Rabbits out at Heartland Rabbit Rescue to be presented with a food fest of treats....3 different kinds of lettuce, cilantro, parsley and carrots and apples.  This sort of stuff can make bunnies quiver........

Marshall looks over his greens 'n' stuff.
One of the fellows that lives at the rescue is Marshall.  He came to be a bunny with no home because he ended up living with humans who decided to cook up some meth......Marshall was swept up in a drug raid and through the intervention of some kind humans was lucky enough to end up at Heartland Rabbit Rescue.  He was around 6 months old when he arrived, so not fully grown and apparently was fairly docile and quiet.  This has changed, Marshall taught me that bunnies can growl, grunt and attack with sharp weapons. 

Early on in my volunteering I reached into his 'apartment' without showing adequate respect and politeness and Marshall proceeded to tutor me in bunny manners by drawing blood from my right arm.  I really thought for a second that he had pulled a knife on me.  He was quick and precise.  In truth, while he is grumpy at times, if you accord him your respect and give him his space when he wants it....he is quite easy to get along with.  He likes being petted and usually is not panicky when you pick him up.  He is a very handsome youngster and is (I think) one of my friends.
Marshall looking pensive.
The Marshall eats.

We try to get the bunnies outside as often as possible and today was Marshall's turn.  He is an interesting rabbit person, and I hope someday he gets a forever home with some folks that will hang out with him and enjoy Marshall being Marshall.

In truth, no animal person can 'blossom' until they have a home of their own, surrounded by those that love them for themselves and not having to share the care and love of too few human people and too many rabbit people.

People that run shelters and people that volunteer at shelters know this.  A haven can be provided, care and caring can be given, enjoyment and treasuring of each individual animal person can occur.......but nothing replaces a bunny's having her or his own family and home.

Who says rabbit people are not like human people?

Being at the party made this my best September 5th ever.  My thanks to everyone.

And please, if you can't adopt, foster...if you can't foster.....volunteer, and if you can't volunteer.....donate.  The homeless animal people are homeless mainly because we human animals have failed to live up to our obligations.  The animal people shouldn't have to pay for our shortcomings.


Christina said...

Today was great fun. I love nothing better than to see the bunnies enjoying their treats and the outdoors. Marshall is a good kid and yes, he is your friend.

Murph's mom said...

Veganelder, many thanks to you and your family from all your bunny friends, donkey friends, horse friend, kitty friend and human friends at Heartland. It's hard to say who was smiling more, you or the bunnies....yes, I believe I did see Marshall smile too. BTW, those are really good pictures of him. We can't thank you and Juli enough. Daughter and grandson were a big help as well. It was a great veggie party! The bunnies said they want to spend Sept. 5 with you every year.

Andrea said...

Glen, first of all HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! How wonderful that the Heartland bunnies were able to join in the celebration! I love the way you described your meeting Marshall for the first time. I remember well when he came to the rescue as a youngster. I do believe his intensity ("aggressiveness" would not be the right word) is just a part of his character, just like my Dandi who can be very assertive and bossy. We love her no matter what and take her just like she is. Thank you for everything you're doing for the bunnies!

veganelder said...

Thanks for commenting Christina, yah, I agree, the bunnies are a joy and Marshall is quite a fellow. It was great fun.

veganelder said...

Thanks for commenting Murph's Mom,....Thank you for the kind words and I better way to spend a September 5th. It's an annual event from now on....:-)

veganelder said...

Thanks for commenting Andrea. I appreciate the birthday wishes..thank you. Marshall is an educator and while I am a slow pupil, he is slowly shaping me up...he is terrific. I thank him and all the other bunnies who are teaching me so many things.

Krissa said...

My comment about Marshall might have gotten lost in space out there on the internet. ... Just wanted to say that you took the word out of my mouth when you described him as handsome. He sure is a gorgeous boy! And I'm sure he is your friend. :)