Saturday, September 4, 2010

Consciousness raising...........

Here is a video with no violence or grossness and it presents an instance of cross-species caring and nurturing.

I think the video might offer a vehicle by which some feelings of speciesism  could be evoked, and perhaps examined.  Maybe not, I would welcome you putting your reaction in a comment.

An observation......

I have noticed that I find it almost impossible anymore, to watch videos (or even look at pictures) of some of the grotesque things that human animals do to the innocent animals.......early on in my journey I made myself watch Meet Your Meat and other accurate (but graphic and disturbing) reporting of what happens to our sister and brother animal persons.  I can't do it anymore, it hurts too much.

I don't force myself to do so, one of the reasons I let myself off of the hook is that I actively and conscientiously avoid (as far as I know) using animal people for anything at all (except maybe to caress or pet).

Now, I don't quite have the same attitude toward folks that want to not look at the horrible things human animals do to other animals......if.......that person is continuing to use animals for food or other purposes.

There is something inherently wrong and underhanded and pathological me anyway.....with doing something or paying somebody to do something for you and not being willing to witness what you are doing or having done in your name......stuff that is done to get something for your use or your "pleasure". ........This means if you "can't" give up cheese, or drumsticks, or a fur coat, etc. then you my mind.....engaging in self-deception or something worse if you avoid watching "Earthlings" or "Meet Your Meat" or any of the many documentings of the horrors we pretend are necessary or "normal".

You know, I am still not sure it is an acceptable thing for me to avoid watching the atrocities.....
These events, these doings, should evoke horror and tears and pain and deep deep sorrow....if no one watches.....then who feels for the animal people that are being terrorized and hurt and killed?  Who then witness what happens to the nameless and forgotten? 

These obscene and despicable activities are the product and creation of human animals, I am not sure if it is ok for any human animal face to turn away from them for as long as they go on......I don't know.....I have a lot of conflict about this.


Krissa said...

Oh dear. The poor baby looks very skinny, though. Of course I think it is wonderful that this woman helped the baby cow - who knows what would have happened if she hadn't stepped in. I might have another google project now because I've heard that cows have a rough time in India whether they are considered sacred or not. I hope this one will have a good life. ... I totally agree with you that anyone who is still eating/wearing anything that came from a natural animal or is using products that were tested on natural animals should have to see exactly what happened before they purchased their 'product'. Personally, I can not watch videos. A photo alone or reading even just a hint is enough to really do a number on me emotionally and mentally. I was just emailing with a friend about a vision I had last night (not an hallucination, but a vision - like a dream, but awake) as I was falling asleep. I've never seen any farmed animals (terminology from a book called "Ninety-Five: Meeting America's Farmed Animals in Stories and Photographs") arrive at a slaughterhouse in person or on video, but I was reading that book yesterday and while there is nothing extraordinarily graphic that I've read yet, I had a most extraordinarily graphic vision and it has shaken me up badly. So I do not watch the videos. But I think they have to be made. All it took to get me on the right path was seeing one photo on one website for a few brief seconds. Other folks might need more - and if the videos are out there, they might get more humans on the right path. And if folks aren't willing to watch them voluntarily, if they are still participating in cruelty, they should be forced to watch them. (But I still think forcing them to go to actual farms/slaughterhouses/circuses/zoos/etc. would be the right thing to do). .. Sorry for getting long-winded and barely saying anything at the same time. Yikes!

oldbones929 said...

I also can't watch anything that depicts cruelty to non-human species, whether it be on the news, in the movies, or on t.v. If a show or movie depicts some sort or abuse or atrocity I immediately turn it off. And I quit watching the news years ago because there is always a story about some horrible thing that a human did to another species. For example, when the scumbags abandon their animals during a natural disaster. Absolutely reprehensible and there should be a special place in h**l for them. As a species, the majority of humans leave a lot to be desired.

veganelder said...

Thanks Krissa for your comment, likely the baby cow will not have an optimum life, I just thought the notion was see instances of mom dogs nursing baby cats or mom cats nursing baby squirrels, etc....seeing human mom nursing baby cow was sort of cool.

I want to read Ninety-Five, I have seen the other book by the authors (One at A Time) and while it is not graphic, it is sad, sad.

I thought your response was not long, but rather just right...thanks

veganelder said...

Hi Oldbones929, thanks for commenting, I struggle with it but I tend to share your opinion of the bulk of our fellow human animals. Maybe the youngsters will be smarter than the oldsters.

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

Ninety-Five is an excellent book, veganelder! And I hope to be posting a review of it in the next couple of weeks.

I thought the video was cool too, and it made me think that perhaps cross-species feeding should even be made a requirement. Wanna drink the milk of cows? Then be willing to return the favour! Okay, that would only work for lactating women, but the principle would probably make a whole bunch of people give up milk right away, snort.

As for the videos, yeah, I understand the conflict. A part of me feels that it is our duty to watch, because as awful as it is, it still pales in comparison to the horror of actually being one of the victims. It's the least we can do, given the sacrifice that was made. On the other hand, if watching is going to demoralize someone and make them give up the vegan fight, then no, they don't serve the purpose they intended. So I suppose it's up to each individual to decide whether it would help or hinder, just as they need to decide what advocacy approach and strategy will work for them. Non-vegans though? They should be forced to watch as far as I'm concerned.

veganelder said...

Thanks for commenting, So I'm Thinking of Going Vegan. I like the notion of reciprocity of lactation. Better yet, there is a blog by a chef that has a recipe for making cheese from human milk ( in his February 6, 2010 post titled: Mommy's Milk. Terrific!

Forcing folks who eat meat to watch the reality of what they are paying people to know it reminds me of what the Allies did to a number of German populations that lived near concentration camps....they forced them to march through the camps and see what was going on. This was partially in response to the excuse presented by many Germans that they "did not know what was happening" in the camps. The excuse sounds eerily familiar, doesn't it.

Bea Elliott said...

Whenever I post a graphic video or photo I try to tell those who are already vegan that there is no obligation to watch - Obviously, they've seen "enough". But those who refuse (and I've personally met many) frustrate me to no end. They usually say they can't... Because it's "too upsetting". Well - gosh darn! If it's all that awful to watch - then why participate and cause the suffering? The worst part is when I am deemed the villain for having brought up such awful truths. :(

I think there are a few advocacy groups that are now offering a dollar "pay to view" at their stalls. The videos are age appropriate and the participants can opt to see the entire presentation if they so choose after their initial "obligation". I think it's a great idea! I also like the street roving panel vans that show videos in traffic - When it comes to getting people to open their eyes it's all fair as far as I'm concerned. The opposing forces certainly do their best to shield them from reality - It's only right to counter the deception every chance we get.

Now about the woman nursing the calf? I hope good fortune smiles on her generous soul!