Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why vegan?

Credit goes to Bea over at her Provoked blog for posting this interview with Ellen Degeneres about her decision to stop harming animals.  There is no depiction of the horrors associated with eating the "standard american diet", Ellen simply explains how she arrived at the realization that opting out of eating animals was required.....for many reasons.  Take the time to watch the interview, and then take the time to educate yourself about animals (and what humans do to them), the environment and your health.
Then, go vegan, please.....for the animals, for the environment, for your health.


Murph's mom said...

'tis true, tis true. No way to deny it. As Ellen said, "I had a disconnect", to the horrors the animals suffer - all their lives. I am at a stage that Ellen described where I have gradually eliminated foods from my diet. I made a 'connection' with a cow about 15 years ago that changed my dietary habits permenantly and set in motion a change of thinking, a realization of where our food comes from. I was simply driving my car down the road and a cattle truck passed me. A cow on that truck made eye contact with me and.....well, I don't know how to explain it but I felt her panic. Obviously I had passed many cattle trucks before but this time, for some unknown reason, was very different. I haven't eaten beef since. I can relate to many of the things that Ellen said, such as some of the reasons she became vegan were for health reasons, that factory farming produces food pumped full of antibiotics and who knows what else. I am not vegan and am not even truly vegetarian but let me say I often avoid a food because I know how it came about. Having just recently recovered from food poisoning I have been confronted with my bad habit of rushing about and dropping into the nearest fast food drive-up or buffet for something that will keep me going. I lost several days this time. Time for a change.

veganelder said...

Hey Murph's Mom, thanks for your excellent comment and for your efforts....the journey is long yet the rewards are great.