Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Eastern Shore Sanctuary Blog summarizes beautifully........

The post over at the Eastern Shore Sanctuary Blog presents a very well written and concise synopsis of the historical precedents for the obscene (but sadly all too common and ubiquitous) notion that the lives of the cow people and the chicken people (and all the other non-human people) do not belong to themselves, rather that their lives are the property of human people.

The author is writing in reference to the recent revelations about abuse and torture at a dairy:

 Patriarchy must punish the most extreme public expressions of its violent nature so as to obscure the less extreme expressions taking place everywhere, at every moment, all around us.

Pastoralism employs the same tactics. If we punish the most egregious forms of animal abuse, then we won’t notice the twelve trillion other examples of it going on every second of every day all over the world. ALL OVER THE WORLD, in every nook and cranny of this pastoralist, patriarchal world.
 An insightful and revealing observation.  Go read the post, it is well worth your time and attention.  If it resonates as much with you as it does with me, take the time to give the author a salute in the comments.

Update: A post over at Vegan Feminist Agitator offers further elaboration about the sometimes contradictory nuances of outrage over an outing of particularly egregious cruelty.  A partial quote from the post:

I believe that our job as animal advocates is to supplement the important exposés with the message that taking what doesn't belong to us is an intrinsically exploitative practice, and that the threat of violence (again, beyond what is accepted as necessary) naturally accompanies such a mentality.

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