Saturday, June 19, 2010

It ought to be like that.........

Just finished "The Human Nature of Birds" by Theodore X. Barber, Ph.D.  It is an older book, written in 1993 (astonishing to reference anything from 1993 as "older") and well worth reading.  Barber, a psychologist, is one of the professionals to awaken from the silly notion that humans are the end all and be all in terms of living beings.

He writes with the enthusiasm of a new convert and the book is quite enjoyable.  Curiously, in his obituary (linked to above) there is no mention of this book, nor any mention in a Wikipedia (Deutschland) entry about him and his professional work.  Since this book would have been somewhat heretical at the time (and still is for many)....this is likely another example of how we human animals ignore and avoid knowledge that doesn't fit the dominant worldview.

What prompted the title of this post is a passage he quotes from another book "Birds as Individuals", this one written by Len Howard in 1952.  Len Howard is writing about the reaction of a workman who came to her cottage to do some repairs and observed wild birds flying down to perch on Ms Howard's head and shoulders....she writes:

....He had looked an ordinary man with a work-a-day expression until he saw these birds, then his whole countenance seemed to alter, his face glowed, his eyes shone and he kept murmuring: "How wonderful!"  Then he said: "But why shouldn't it be like that?  It ought to be like that."

We often forget that most animals in the wild avoid humans like the plague because for all intents and purposes....we are the plague, at least to them.   Fleeing or hiding from humans is exquisitely intelligent behavior on their part.

It does not, however, have to be that way.  Where wild animal people are not subjected to the cruelties, large and small, that are typically practiced by human people, then their behavior is quite different.  Several years ago I visited Bandelier National Park and was delighted to discover that the animals residing there have been unmolested by humans for enough generations that many have lost their fear....deer may simply ignore you and walk close enough to touch while browsing.  One cottontail was using the same path I was on and leisurely hopped right over my foot while on her/his journey.

The workman and I agree, it ought to be like that...........

What is more, we human animals have the ability to make it that way.......for all animals (including ourselves) and the planet, go vegan. The link associated with the "go vegan" phrase takes you to a video (no cruelty or repulsive photos) that is a little slick but not overwhelmingly so.  If you haven't seen it, do so, I sort of like its musical background (be advised it is about 12 minutes long) .

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