Thursday, May 31, 2018

Eight years?

Jeez, it doesn't seem like it but I've been posting here since May of 2010.

I watched an interview of youtube recently with Ta-Nehisi Coates wherein he noted that, if we're lucky, we go through several instances of learning enough new things that we become (in many ways) a different person.

I dunno how to phrase it, his way of expressing it is as good as any I can think of. I can attest to the truth of what he's driving at since I can identify 3 or maybe 4 drastic enough changes in my understandings that I think of myself as a "different" some significant ways...especially having to do with how I comprehend/understand human society and living beings.

It's a pain though to go through such changes. I've never enjoyed them and yet never would I do without them. Each shift has been awful and terrific all at the same time.

I was in the midst of one such change when I began this blog and several years ago entered into another consciousness shift. They're not fun...they're interesting...but really really hard.

It's strange to think about the folks who were readers and commented regularly who have mostly dropped least they've stopped commenting. There's a thing called "white feminism" and I suspect I've stumbled over a variant of that kind of thing that I'll call "white veganism". It's a "thing" too.

Eight Thank you for reading.


Have Gone Vegan said...

A little late, but congrats on 8 years!

Still reading, although not commenting as regularly as I used to, obviously, but still appreciating your thoughts (so thank YOU for continuing to write!) on important topics.

Don't have as much time for reading anymore either, but can't stop myself from collecting books for when I'll have more of it again. One of the latest is called "This Will Be My Undoing: Living at the Intersection of Black, Female, and Feminist in (White) America" by Morgan Jerkins and should prove to be interesting.

So, here's to another 8, and let's hope the possibly-biggest-liar-of-all-time doesn't get to have his 8.

p.s. reread The First White President again, and it was just as compelling as the first time...

veganelder said...

Thank you HGV.

I'm glad you're still reading. I appreciate it...and you.

Our local library has Ms. Jerkins book...I will get to it soon, I hope.

I've watched Mr. Coates in several interviews on youtube, he made an interesting observation about the turmoil that kicked off the #metoo movement and noted that male privilege being so invisible to him has resulted in his doing some more thinking about white privilege.

Thank you again for commenting and for reading. Good stuff.