Friday, May 12, 2017

In the book Feminist Theory, From Margin to Center...

bell hooks writes something quite remarkable to consider:
As a group, black women are in an unusual position in this society, for not only are we collectively at the bottom of the occupational ladder, but our overall social status is lower than that of any other group. Occupying such a position, we bear the brunt of sexist, racist, and classist oppression. At the same time, we are the group that has not been socialized to assume the role of exploiter/oppressor in that we are allowed no institutionalized "other" than we can exploit or oppress (Children do not represent an institutionalized other even though they may be oppressed by parents. White women and black men have it both ways. They can act as oppressor or be oppressed.... p. 14-15
 Hmmm...not socialized to exploit/oppress any group of humans.



Certainly it is the case that since I've embarked on my stumbling attempt to become more aware and knowledgeable about humans oppressing humans, most especially about race/racism, as well as other manifestations of this ugly phenomenon...the insights and comprehendings that are the products of African American women are astonishing in their depth and breadth. It just might be the quote from bell hooks identifies the unique lived life experience(s) of this group that might account for their prescience.

I can confidently say that without a lot of knowing about the thinkings and writings of many of the members of this group, anyone's knowledge about humans enacting oppression will be deficient.

I've referenced a number of these remarkable people in my previous posts on this blog, if you want a taste of some writing from one of them you can visit the writings over on the Black Girl Dangerous website for a treat. Sistah Vegan and Aph Ko are a couple of others who, in addition to insights about human on human oppression, also offer knowledge about humans oppressing all Earthlings.

If you're serious about dismantling your can start by grappling with the works of bell hooks, she's astonishing, and brave, and wise, and remarkable. And, she is only one of many.  

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