Friday, January 15, 2016

Images and ...


Some combinations of words and images are wonderful at being able to provoke thought and/or comprehension. Here's one that is quite powerful.

The second poem in this previous post presents a variation of the above message.

When we "otherize"...we create invisibility and distortions in our ability to accurately and comprehensively experience reality. is more accurate and inclusive to modify the second sentence of Dr. Einstein's quote to this form. "They experience themselves, their thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a - kind of optical delusion of their consciousness."

Dr. Einstein, like most of us, couldn't escape the conditioning (in this instance...patriarchal propaganda) that permeates European human culture. Even really really really smart humans get flim-flammed by that stuff. It's pervasive and insidious.

So suck it up and get to work decolonizing your mind. In general...the more powerful and influential the group(s) is/are that you were assigned to...the more distorted is your comprehension of yourself and the world around you and the more work you have to do to correct the optical delusions of your consciousness.

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Christine said...

These are excellent and thought provoking quotes, thank you for sharing. Indeed these delusions hold sway and most of us are of course not even aware of them. Though I think for many of us things in this regard are changing and more people question their conditioning, but sadly far far too slowly. What an amazing world it would be if we did not consider others as inferior and treated all beings as equal with the right to their existence regardless of species, race, gender and so on and on and on, the list of discriminations is longer than many of us realise.