Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Please go read this..

post over at The Animal Blawg. It is one of the best discussions I've ever run across about the problematic issue of "feeding" and interacting with the free animals. The author is a gifted writer who attracted my attention and admiration several years ago and I keep an eye out for anything she writes.

Developing into a respecter of our fellow animals (as well as being, on my part at least, a "lover" of them too) can be a struggle and can be difficult.

By the way, the same sort of perspective applies to interacting with your fellow human animals. Jumping in and doing everything for some other human that you care for is, in general, not a particularly good way to express caring. It's also sort of invasive and can be demeaning...and can be damaging. Why would we think what doesn't work for us...does work for the other animals? Ah well, when has reasonableness and perceptiveness ever defined human activity?

I'm not going to wade into this issue much further. Ms. Stachowski has written well and thoroughly about it...go read it.

And...obviously...if you want to quit harming the innocent...go vegan.


Bea Elliott said...

I thoroughly enjoy Kathleen's writings too! This particular post came at me from an unexpected angle. When I first saw the deer eating my first response was joy that someone would feed them... And then I realized that there was an important "rest of the story" to be heard. It's true that interfering with others lives is most often more harmful than not...

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Bea. Kathleen's writings were some of the first I ran across when I began the vegan odyssey and she struck me then as a gifted and enjoyable and knowledgeable writer. Nothing I've read since then by her has changed that evaluation. She's a treat.