Saturday, October 5, 2013

Animal Rights Documentaries.

Here's a link to a compilation of nearly 100 animal rights documentaries all located in one handy place for you to explore. There are some excellent works out there and here's an easy way to access many of them.

And here's a link to a short video of a baby elephant sleeping on mom's lunch. I couldn't get the embed code to work so you'll have to use the link to watch. But it is worth it...give a smile to your day by watching this baby being busy sleeping. Babies of all sorts and shapes and sizes give their all to whatever they do...including sleeping. Enjoy.

And if you haven't decided to join those who wish to live without harming others...please do so by going vegan. You'll feel better about yourself and I promise those you stop harming will feel better.


Bea Elliott said...

What a great collection of important films! Some are old familiar favorites that somehow I lost on the internet. And there's new ones I've never seen before. First on my list is Mice to Men: The Use of Animals in Experimental Psychology. It sounds like it will reveal some more myths about "science".

Love the baby elephant napping! His/her stick-out-tongue is maximum-adorable!

Thanks for providing these links... They do bring smiles! :)

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Bea. It is a good resource for videos, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

The older I get the more of a hoot I get out of babies of all sorts. Little ones show us all how sleep should be done. :-)

Christine said...

This a an excellent resource. thank you for sharing. Films such as these are a powerful tool in the struggle for animal rights. Also enjoyed the baby elephant video, just so lovely. Elephants are such amazing creatures, it is just so sad that greedy exploitative people love them only for the tusks and the money that is made from them.

I apologise if this is a duplicate message I am trying to sign in with an open ID as I have done before but cannot submit my comment. I have tried four times so tried to comment using name/url . I just hope all my comments do not appear.


veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Christine. I'm sorry you were having difficulty commenting. I promise I haven't changed anything so it must be the blogger site that's being persnickety.

I'm glad you enjoyed the resources and seeing the baby snoozing. :-)

Have Gone Vegan said...

Thanks for the links!

Watched W5 Friday night as their show was on the transport of three Toronto Zoo elephants to their permanent retirement home at the awesome PAWS sanctuary in northern California. Woot! It was a long battle to get them there, but worth all the effort. And you can bet many people were smiling. :)

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting HGV. I bet the elephants were smiling too. :-)