Friday, September 13, 2013

Introducing Ice (and Hope).

Recently a kind neighbor woman (a Heartland Rabbit Rescue neighbor) decided to share her home with a baby miniature goat. We had been hearing his little voice sometimes in the morning and could occasionally see him way off in the distance. Finally the director of Heartland called and arranged a meeting at a half-way point in the fields that separate Heartland and the neighbor.
His name is Ice (his mom's name was Snow) and he's a beauty.
He apparently won't grow much larger. It was a fine thing to meet him. He's very friendly and as you can see...very handsome too. We're hoping that soon he'll get to come over to Heartland and meet the ducks and bunnies and Molly, Midnite and Judy too.

In other Heartland news, about 3 weeks ago a call came about a little bunny who had been found loose and injured in a cemetery in a small town east of OKC. When the Heartland director finally got her it was discovered that she had been attacked by a predator and had a back leg broken in 2 places as well as some gaping wounds that were infested by maggots. She was emaciated and frightened. The director, along with a long-time and experienced volunteer worked for a number of hours cleaning her wounds and stabilizing her.  She was then taken to the vet the next day.

There it was found that she would likely have to have the leg amputated but she was too debilitated for the surgery so some rest and recovery and weight gaining would have to happen first.
Hope, after much recovery.
She is very young and weighed under 3 lbs when she first arrived. She was running a high fever and her behavior suggested she was stunned and shocked. Slowly, with lots of TLC by the director, Hope started coming around. She was always willing to eat...which...with a pivotal. If they'll eat...there's hope.

She has been miraculous in her resilience. Once the fever was managed and her wounds began to heal, then her personality began to emerge. She's bouncy, spicy and a tad sassy. She's very people oriented and loves being petted. Now, there is a possibility she won't have to lose the leg...but she needs to not put too much strain on it and that's a difficulty because as she feels better and better...she wants to run and jump and binky. She's a baby and she wants to play. You can read more about her on Heartland's facebook page.

Hay snack.

Here you can see her having a bit of a hay snack as she rests a little.

Below you can see her pensively eying the doubt thinking about what she wants to do next.
What next?

It is beyond being able to put into words...watching these little fur people who are abandoned and neglected and abused by the human species and then seeing so many of them be able forgive and forgive absolutely all that's been done to them. And to share their delightful selves freely and openly with any human willing to be kind to them.

It doesn't make us look very good.

Caring for Hope and others like her takes lots of time and effort and, shelter and medical care is expensive. Help your local animal rescue/sanctuary...or help out Heartland if you want. The number of bunnies in need is always greater than the resources to help them.

Help all life and planet Earth and yourself by living vegan. Please. And care for those who depend on you...and be kind to everyone else. Ice and Hope both think these are all good ways of living.


Christina said...

Hope is an inspiration. When I think of that baby on her own, trying to makes me shudder and weep.

Ice is so cool. I want to meet him some day soon. He looks like a good goat kid.

Bea Elliott said...

What a handsome guy Ice is! And so curious too! That second photo with his inquiring glance could melt anyone's heart!

I'm so happy for Hope that she was found by the most able caring people around. I'm crossing all fingers and toes that she heals without further trauma. She's a lovely gal and deserves the best. Thank you and Heartland for making it so. <3

Anonymous said...

Ah! such great photos!! So much personality in those little earthlings!

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Christina, Bea and DEM.

Christina, must meed the great Ice...and Hope is a phenom.

Bea: Ice is indeed a character and I agree with you Heartland is a terrific place.

DEM: Thanks and you're right...personality to spare.

Have Gone Vegan said...

Oh my goodness, they are both so cute! And yes, they make human animals look pretty pitiful in their development. Except, of course, for the ones looking after them. ;)

veganelder said...

Thank you for your comment HGV. Hope and Ice...they're both terrific! :-)

Unknown said...

[ Smiles ] Those animals are cute!

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Renard. Indeed they are...and they make big smiles. :-)