Saturday, October 22, 2011

Goodbye October...

you were and are the most gorgeous month of the year here in central Oklahoma. The weather is perfect, sunflowers and goldenrod and many many other wildflowers are putting on their last burst before their winter sleep. The air is cool and crisp and the sun bright without being oppressive, the angle of sunlight makes for a golden look and feel. Exquisite.
Some of the gold.

The purple

More of the gold (the goldenrod).

Midnite and Judy in the gold.

Molly in the gold.
 When I went out into the field to take some shots of the golden flowers, the guard donkeys (Judy and Molly) and Midnite (the magnificent) had to come over to check out the camera and see what was going on. Their beauty contrasts nicely with the gold.

October is lovely. The sun is about about 4 months away from the furthest north it travels and the staggering heat here has finally gone away. The mornings and evenings are mellow or crisp and the days are bright and warm. Thank you nature, thank you...and thanks to Judy, Midnite and Molly for allowing me to capture their images. We are fortunate to occupy such a glorious planet with such beautiful plants and beautiful animals, lucky lucky us. It is amazing!

Thank you again, October, for being yourself.


Christina said...

The equine babies are looking good. Thank you to Midnite and Judy and Molly for standing guard and watching over the bunny play yards. They are special.

Nicola said...

Ahhh Midnight, Judy and Molly are wonderful! I'd love to give them a big old snuggle. Do they live with you??? Or are they your neighbours?? You're very lucky either way!


Annie said...

Bittersweet October! It is the best month here and feels such a treat after this brutal summer. Lovely photos - especially the donkeys. I so want one for our pastures (and for us, too!) -

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Christina, Nicola and Annie.

Christina, yup they do a good job of taking care of the place.

Nicola...Molly and Judy are the guard donkeys out at Heartland Rabbit Rescue...Midnite is the resident pony who keeps everybody in line. Molly and Judy keep coyotes away and harass Midnite when they have some spare time. Sorry I didn't explain about them in the post. They are some fine hooved folks.

Annie...October has been more welcome than ever this year hasn't it? Lots of donkeys need rescued and they make terrific music when they talk. :-)

Bea Elliott said...

Thanks for sharing the botanical wonders in Oklahoma! A perfect background to photograph these magnificent beings!

And I don't know what the official name is of that tuft of hair between equine ears - But no matter how it's styled I love it!

May all enjoy this friendly weather and the beauty that nature provides. <3

veganelder said...

Thanks for commenting Bea. I'll tell Midnite you like his hairstyle.

Thanks for the good wishes.