Sunday, July 3, 2011

A smart bunny deals with summer

by opting for the coolest area she can find. I mentioned Nessie Ray's favorite lounging spot...the air conditioning vent in the floor in her living room. These photos are used with her highness's gracious permission...
She covers the whole vent ( Is that not a magnificent tail? ). 
With this 2nd photo you can see a small bit of the vent.
Small portion of vent showing under her right hand.
Next time you hear the pejorative phrase "dumb bunny" you'll know you just heard someone say something ignorant.


Have Gone Vegan said...

A smart (and beautiful) bunny indeed!

Anonymous said...

One hopes everyone will appreciate her magnificent tail.

Anonymous said...

Her tail is indeed magnificent! : D
As well, her back legs poised as the athlete, ready to spring/sprint/hop into action or cozy on down onto the cool air vent. She's gorgeous : )

Anonymous said...

I always thought their tales were more poofy and rounded.
That is one smart bunny, that's a fact.

Bea Elliott said...

It looks like Nessie's also getting a bit of that breeze-in-the-ear action too!

That's so neat to see the translucency of her ears! So delicate and soft. Lovely too how her grey fur is highlighted with rich browns. Nice photos!

Yeah... Nessie is smartly beautiful from tip to tail!

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting HGV, Anonymous 1 and 2, DEM and Bea.

HGV: Ah, she is glad you noticed. :-)

Anonymous 1: Much is made of her tail around here, thank you.

Anonymous 2: Nessie Ray relishes your kind words...thank you.

DEM: Usually they carry that tail folded up closely to their body so only part of it is seen, although they vary greatly in just how much of a tail they have. Nessie thanks you for your compliment. :-)

Bea: Thank you for the kind observations. Her coloring is really attractive to me too. When she is outside she can sometimes disappear right in front of you, it is phenomenally suited to help her blend in with the outdoors. She thanks you too for your kind words.

Krissa said...

Aw. Look how comfortable she is. It's easy to see how safe and peaceful she feels. You've given her the wonderful home she deserves. And she is a bunny after my own heart. Air conditioning is a beautiful thing! :)

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Krissa. It was sort of stunning to notice that she had very quickly determined from where the cool breeze blows. As I write this early morning, she is stretched out there recovering from her brief foray outside before the terrible heat returns.

VeganRabbit said...

Oh my gosh she looks like my numero uno bunbun Shfanfi! Bunnies are a lot smarter than people give them credit for. I think this is because they look rather silly with those big ears, funny noses and cotton ball tails. She's a super cute little lady. <3