Friday, August 4, 2017

Once again...

humans and our "knowledge" about "animals" turns out to be less than adequate.

There is a small tortoise we call (arbitrarily) Myrtle. I would have inserted a picture but blogger is behaving badly and won't let me.

Myrtle first showed up at our front door last year early one morning, strawberries were offered and taken and Myrtle proceeded to show up almost every morning for her berries and after about three weeks she stopped visiting.

Last week, guess what, Myrtle is once again at the front door early one morning looking for strawberries. This time Myrtle came for four mornings and now hasn't returned for almost a week. Who knows why...I only hope all is well.

Being visited, even briefly, by Myrtle is a much appreciated and valued gift.

Myrtle remembered the house, the door and the strawberries after a year. Myrtle would peer into the house to see if strawberries were coming. Myrtle became trusting enough that no withdrawal into a shell happened when we would approach.

There are ignorant Earthlings...mostly they're human ones.

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