Friday, January 8, 2016

The Black Vegans Rock

website is now live. Go visit.

Read the mission statement which says, in part, that:
Black Vegans Rock is a digital space that seeks to spotlight everyday Black vegans who are looking to get their work, art, music, restaurant, book or other projects in front of other vegans. We seek to specifically cater to Black vegans considering we are regularly excluded or erased from mainstream spaces that deal with animal rights, food justice, feminism, and anti-racism...
On their blog they feature profiles of different black vegans. The first feature was about a young woman by the name of Seba Johnson who made history as the first Black female to ever ski in the Olympics. Wow!

Robin DiAngelo wrote: "Most whites live, grow, play, learn, love, work and die primarily in social and geographic racial segregation. Yet, our society does not teach us to see this as a loss."

The first time I encountered that thought it resonated with me...over time it has evolved to be so much more meaningful to me...and tragic. This loss is one that I'm committed to struggling against and...with terrific spaces on the internet like Black Vegans Rock (among others)...there are resources that are easily accessible that can serve to interrupt and remediate some of that loss. I'm grateful that such spaces exist and am happy to share them.  My deep thanks to the creators of the Black Vegans Rock website.


joan.kyler said...

That's a fascinating web site. I'm always curious how people have arrived at veganism and delighted that it is encompassed by so many people with different backgrounds.

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Joan. It's a heck of a resource, I'm glad you find it fascinating.