Sunday, April 19, 2015

We Earthlings...

are much more complex and varied in our behaviors than we human animals comprehend.

This graphic illustrates quite well something that I was lucky enough to learn about my sister/brother Earthlings a long time ago. The fact is though, that many human type Earthlings do not know this. Well, for those who didn't ya go.

Remember...we human animals have a strong tendency to next time you run across some human spouting nonsense about homosexuality being "unnatural" might be instructive, for everyone, if you can engage them in a dialogue about the meaning of the word "unnatural".

Always remember...our ignorance inevitably exceeds our knowings and forgetting that usually doesn't work out well...for anyone. I wrote earlier about the fact that most "knowledge" is socially other words...some human(s) somewhere made it up. In the graphic there are three terms (homosexual, homophobia and unnatural) that are easily identified as socially constructed notions. I would urge you to always be cautious when fiddling around with socially constructed stuff. It's tricky.

Here's another FYI...we mammalian Earthlings are also much more peaceful than many of us realize. Of all animals classified as mammals, this source estimates that only about 5% are considered to be carnivores. I've seen other estimates that were a little larger, but not much larger. In other words, most (95%) of our sister/brother mammals manage to live (when we humans leave them alone) quite well without routinely hurting one another.

We human mammals could probably live that way too, if we put forth more effort in that direction. 


Have Gone Vegan said...

Great graphic! And it's kind of amusing (if it weren't also sad) how human animals define "natural" as and how it suits them. Just as we declare ourselves to be animals mainly when it's convenient. But we're animals too, so it's natural that we eat meat!

Amazing how we ignore stuff just because we want to. Like the real friendships and relationships animals can form with each other (some long-term monogamous partnerships of other animals would put quite a few human marriages to shame!), which we sever because we can, and because it's profitable. Shame on us.

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting HGV. Shame on us indeed.

Your comment goes most excellently with the post I just put online...I think you'll like it.