Friday, January 2, 2015

It is 2015...

and I thought I start your new year with a few images.

A tattoo to consider:


I found this image to be seriously thought (and smile) provoking.


As you make your way through your life, living remember this image when you're feeling really really alone and realize that others have felt the same way.
Hooray for him.

And finally, anytime this year you find yourself feeling down and sad and want to maybe get a lift...bring this image up in your mind and you might find yourself smiling.

Enjoy your new year...and if you're living vegan, thank you. Remember that you're one of the good folks...even if it sometimes makes you feel really really alone (see previous image).


joan.kyler said...

The images did make me think and laugh, too. I have a tattoo of the word 'ahimsa' in Sanskrit on my arm, but I don't think I'm brave enough for that cow tattoo!

Thanks for being a lucid and rational voice for animals who don't speak our language. They are like us, they are often better than we are, they deserve our respect and compassion.

Here's hoping for a year full of enlightenment and peace for all! (A happy and healthy year, too!)

Christine said...

Thank you for sharing those thought provoking graphics, particularly the first one of the tattooed cow. Indeed it can feel lonely to be vegan, it is though estimated that here in the UK there are at least 1 million of us so we are not as alone as we think, although other than on-line I have only ever met one other vegan. Hope you have a great New year!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks v.e.
Always great to check in here

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Joan, Christine and DEM.

Joan: I'm glad you were pleasured and thank you for your New Year wishes.

Christine: I'm glad you like the tattoo. I would urge you to look into starting a facebook page targeted toward vegans in your area. The Red Earth Vegan page for this area of Oklahoma has been stunningly useful as a chance for "hidden" vegans in this area to get to know other vegans. You might want to look the page over for some ideas. I would be astonished if the number of vegans in your area is smaller than the number in central Oklahoma. :-)

DEM: I'm glad you enjoyed. :-)