Friday, August 22, 2014

Image speak...

I recently posted about a book for children by Ruby Roth. Afterward I came across a captioned image featuring her that caught my eye...and my thinking. This image and captioning pretty much takes care of the silliness being presented by the media 'psychologist' who was criticizing her book in the interview referenced in that post.

These next two images do a masterful job of illustrating the experience that many of us who've opted for living vegan. First the down (and no...vegan isn't a's much much more), then the up.

The downs.
The down can be alleviated tremendously when the 'up' finally happens.

The ups.
My thanks and gratitude and deep respect to all who're living vegan, my consolation on your 'down(s)' and I hope you've had at least one, if not many 'ups'.

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Bea Elliott said...

That one meme of losing 13 friends might as well say "I became aware of how to minimize my harm to others and lost ALL my friends". :/

For the ups I'm extending cyber-hugs for that wonderful feeling when I met you! <3